Cevena Bioproducts Launches Viscofiber®

High-viscosity beta-glucan material has numerous benefits and uses

CHICAGO—To fulfill a specific need in the heart health category – the second fastest-growing condition-specific area in 2003, according to Nutrition Business Journal – Cevena Bioproducts has announced the launch of Viscofiber®, a technologically superior grain-based, high-viscosity beta glucan derived from the cellular walls of oats and barley.

“Consumer awareness of natural cholesterol-health products is already high, the Natural Marketing Institute (2002) statistics show that nearly 90 percent of consumers would prefer a dietary supplement and/or functional food to help them address their cholesterol concerns,” says Richard Staack, Ph.D., M.B.A., Vice President of Sales and New Business Development. “Add to this the general knowledge that the FDA has approved a health claim for oat consumption, a strong and viable market opportunity exists for Viscofiber®.”

Viscofiber® is a high beta-glucan concentrate - available in two forms which are derived from either oat or barley at concentrations of 50% and 60%, respectively. The high concentration of beta-glucan is achieved via Cevena’s gentle, patented manufacturing process that leaves the structure of beta-glucan relatively unchanged and thus preserving the original high viscosity. Viscofiber® is a material with exceptional viscosity, the desirable attribute that when ingested, works to improve cholesterol levels and exert a beneficial post-prandial glycemic response. Competitive analysis has shown that Viscofiber® is between 20 and 30 times more viscous than other beta glucan concentrates and contains up to 12 times more beta-glucan than oat bran.

“Viscosity is a key characteristic benchmarking the quality of a beta glucan material,” Staack says. The FDA has recognized its importance and has stated that it “accepts viscosity as a major physiochemical property responsible for physiological effects of consuming soluble fiber.” Additionally, Keogh, et al in their original research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2003) stated that the “quantity of beta-glucan ingested accounts only in part for its hypocholesterolemic effects; the viscosity and molecular weight of the soluble fiber in the GI tract are the critical factors.”

Viscofiber®, which is GRAS approved and Kosher certified, may be used in a variety of applications attractive to consumers, such as: dietary supplements, beverages, nutritional bars and other functional foods.

About Cevena Bioproducts Inc.
Technically advanced grain-based ingredients for nutritional products are the focus of Cevena Bioproducts, headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The company’s core mission is to improve human health and well-being through the research, technology and marketing of scientifically sound, superior nutraceutical compounds for use in dietary supplements and functional foods. Its primary grain-based product is Viscofiber®, a highly concentrated, high-viscosity beta-glucan derived from oats and barley via a patented fractionation process that yields the richest beta-glucan material on the market today. Viscofiber® is being researched for its efficacy in addressing healthy cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy glycemic response for heart health-conscious consumers. Further research will illuminate its efficacy for gastrointestinal health and satiety. For more information, log on to www.cevena.com.


Richard Staack
(815) 462-0635

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