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Charkit Offers Corn Products' Farmal™ Natural Personal Care Ingredients

Charles Hinnant, President, Charkit Chemical Corporation, announced that the company is now the exclusive Midwest United States distributor of Corn Products International’s Farmal™ line of natural ingredients which are ideally suited to a myriad of personal care applications.

“We’re pleased to add this prestigious line to our substantial roster of natural personal care ingredients. Corn Products International is a global leader in corn and other natural product refining with a worldwide reputation for ingredient and formulation innovations that are developed by an exceptional technical team,” said Mr. Hinnant.

Jay Lang, Charkit’s Vice President of Sales, discussed the functionality of the vegetable-based Farmal™ line of natural components. “In a range of skin care, hair care and other personal care applications, Farmal™’s attributes can complement and improve existing products as well as inspire new product ideas.”

Functionality of Additives and Actives
Describing Farmal™ ingredients as cost effective materials, Mr. Lang added that the line includes sensorial enhancers, and hair thickening, moisturizing, non-irritating, non-toxic carrier and bodying agents. Foam stabilizing components as well as cetearyl alcohol alternatives, processing aids, skin penetration aids and vitamin carriers are also among the product types that are being offered.

“The Farmal™ line includes ingredients that deliver a smooth afterfeel. They generally perform better than other competitive starch-based products, lowering tackiness, reducing oiliness and reducing any white residue left on the skin after application.”

Formulating advantages
Following Mr. Hinnant’s reference to the Farmal™ technical team, Mr. Lang cited the proprietary technology that allows Farmal™ starches to be readily dispersible in both warm and cold water processing. “The technology behind this line allows for efficient formulating and processing of such diverse personal care offerings such as powders, compact make-up, facial gel, hair straightener, suntan lotion, sugar depilatory wax, acne treatment products, bar soap and bath salts,” he stated.

A range of products constitute Farmal ™ brand
Mr. Lang spoke of the product classifications that comprise the Farmal™ brand. He highlighted the following categories within the line.

• Polysaccharides: unmodified native starches such as Zea Mays starch and Tapioca starch; modified starches featuring cationic, anionic, and non-ionic varieties; and hydrolyzed starches including powder maltodextrins and dextrin; fructose, maltose and glucose syrups
• Monosaccharides: dextrose powder and fructose
• Non-saccharides: corn oil, corn fiber, caramel color and the Glystar™ performance system of tailored blends

Committed to the personal care industry
“Our recent agreement with the world class Corn Products’ Farmal™ line supports our goal to provide exemplary natural ingredients to manufacturers of quality skin care and hair care products. Charkit’s marketing and technical team are prepared to assist customers in reformulating existing products and developing breakthrough offerings to consumers who are consistently in search of high performance, cost efficient ingredients that will deliver luxury benefits,” concluded Mr. Hinnant.

For more information, please contact Shawn McManus in Sales and Marketing at 203-299-3227 or [email protected].

Founded in 1982 by its President, Charles Hinnant, Charkit Chemical Corporation offers a wide range of products to the imaging, personal care, food, flavor and fragrance, water treatment, metal treatment and pharmaceutical industries as well as to producers of fine and specialty chemicals. In 2007, Charkit celebrated its 25th year of continuing growth and today, in addition to high demand products, the Company and its affiliated manufacturing entities, Arran Chemical Company, Optima Chemical Group and Diversitec Corporation offer a wide range of custom sourcing, manufacturing, technical assistance and product development services.

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