Chemi Nutra Appointed Exclusive Licensee To New Patent Involving Use Of Phosphatidylserine (PS) For Muscle Development & Anti-Catabolic Dietary Supplements

White Bear Lake, MN - Chemi Nutra has reached an agreement with Robert Fritz, a sports nutrition figurehead and inventor, and will act as an exclusive licensee on Fritz’s newly issued use patent (United States Patent No. 6,673,378) involving PS and its anti-catabolic cortisol suppressing qualities for lean muscle development and optimized conditioning.

Scott Hagerman, president of Chemi Nutra said, “The issuance of this significant patent to Bob Fritz and our exclusive licensing of it is the culmination of seven years of intensive investigation, research, and ongoing discussion. Our collaboration demonstrates Chemi Nutra’s commitment to the nutritional supplement industry, and we are excited about the physiological benefits that PS provides to those interested in managing their stress and body compositions, and gaining the ultimate competitive edge.”

It is well known that cortisol, a potent catabolic stress induced hormone, can wreak havoc to persons managing their body compositions. Specifically, cortisol is antagonistic to the uptake of dietary protein and inhibits protein utilization, leads to increased muscle damage and soreness, impairs recovery, and reduces glucose utilization by muscle cells. Soy-derived PS has been shown to substantially suppress the elevation of cortisol resulting from stress, and hence offers an effective and natural way to inhibit protein catabolism and improve recovery.

Under the licensing agreement, marketers of PS-containing nutritional supplements would be granted a sub-license on the patent, and would be allowed to make applicable claims as well as list the patent number on their product labels, on a royalty free basis. To take advantage of the patent claims, finished products would have to contain a minimum PS (active) level of 100 mg / serving, and the PS would have to be identifiable as SerinAid® PhosphatidylSerine (PS) from Chemi Nutra. For additional information, please contact Chemi Nutra at 866.907.0400 (toll free).

Chemi Nutra is the US business unit of parent company Chemi S.p.A., a privately held pharmaceutical and nutraceutical company based in Milan, Italy. Chemi, with cGMP certified manufacturing facilities in Italy and Brazil, is best known in the US nutritional arena for its introduction of phosphatidylserine (PS), the popular dietary supplement which has been granted two health claims by the FDA, and is used to enhance learning, memory, and concentration.

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