Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables

Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables
Record ID: 1353471
Company: Amway
Brand: Nutrilite
Category: Healthcare
Sub-Category: Vitamins & Dietary Supplements
Country: Thailand
Store Name: Amway
Store Type: Direct Selling
Date Published: Jul 2010
Product source: Shopper
Launch Type: New Product
Price in local currency: 568.00
Price in US Dollars: 17.51
Price in Euros: 14.38

Product Description
Nutrilite Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables is said to be an exclusive blend of phytonutrients naturally in fruits and vegetables. This product consists of the following fruit and vegetable extracts: quercetin, pomegranate, orange, lutein ester, blueberry, tomato, elderberry, rosemary, acerola cherry, lemon, broccoli, carrot, and spinach. It is said to be free from artificial colours, artificial flavours and preservative and retails in a recyclable 30-count pack.
Product Variants

Product Variant

Format Type


Still Selling

Chewable Concentrated Fruits and Vegetables


No Additives/Preservatives,
Ethical - Environmentally Friendly Package

Ingredients: Quercetin (4.0%), pomegranate extract (2.2%), orange extract (1.9%), lutein esters (0.6%), lycopene (0.1%)
Nutrition: Per 1 unit serving: Quercetin 49mg, Pomegranate Extract 27.5mg, Orange extract 23.5mg, Lutein esters 8.4mg, Lycopene 1.2mg

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