Choice Organic Teas, of Granum Inc., Introduces Two New Offerings From its Exclusively Organic Premium Original Line

Seattle, WA -- August 30, 2004 --Choice Organic Teas, a brand of Granum Inc., introduces two delicious new additions to their Premium Original Line. Both offerings, Russian Caravan and Yerba Maté, come in 16-teabag boxes and will be sold at natural foods retailers and select mass-market stores around the country. Choice Organic Russian Caravan honors the exquisitely bold tea blends so highly sought by the 19th century Russian Czar. Camel caravans labored over a perilous route from China, and months of nightly fires added a heady aroma to the prized tea leaf. Select Yunnan tea is utilized here for flavor, and special grades of Lapsang Souchong impart an assertive, smoky personality. Choice Organic Yerba Maté emulates the fresh, green leaf favored for centuries by native tribes of South America. A relative of the holly family, yerba maté is valued as a pleasantly gentle, sustained stimulant and traditionally associated with health and vitality. It is one of nature"s richest sources of antioxidants.

The certified organic ingredients for Russian Caravan and Yerba Maté were obtained through a broad international network developed by Choice Organic Teas over 15 years of sourcing organic ingredients. Tea professionals within the company spent over a year researching and developing the new tea offerings to get the desired flavor profiles. The intensive tasting trials and exceptional ingredients result in sensational teas worthy of carrying the Choice Organic Teas brand name. "We are constantly striving to produce the highest quality, best tasting teas that appeal to a wide range of palettes and emphasize our commitment to sustainable agriculture," says Blake Rankin, founder and President of Granum Inc.

Granum Inc. introduced Choice Organic Teas in 1989 with three teas from organic Japanese tea gardens. Fifteen years later, they offer more than seventy varieties of Black, Green, Oolong, White teas and herbal infusions available in tea bags and loose leaf. Choice Organic Teas became the first tea crafter in the U.S. to Fair Trade Certify all qualifying teas. Choice Organic Teas provides exceptional tasting teas with an environmental and social conscience.

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