Choice Organic Teas Introduces Fair Trade Caffeine-Free Herb Teas

Seattle, WA January 9, 2006 – Customers can now enjoy caffeine-free herb teas with the added pleasure of knowing that they were produced under the socially, environmentally and economically sustainable conditions of Fair Trade certification. Four of Choice Organic Teas’ existing caffeine-free herb teas, Chamomile Herb Tea and Wild Berry Herb Tea (Original Line), Chamomile Spearmint and Northwest Blackberry (Gourmet Line) now display the Fair Trade Certified™ logo. Additionally, Green Moroccan Mint Tea (Original) and Moroccan Mint Green Tea (Gourmet), which both have contained Fair Trade Certified green tea for years, are now blended using Fair Trade Certified spearmint. Choice Organic Teas organic and Fair Trade Certified teas are available in loose leaf, 16-teabag and 20-teabag boxes and are sold at natural foods retailers, cafes, select mass-market stores around the country, university and college campuses, and other foodservice venues specializing in Fair Trade Certified products.

The Egyptian farmers who grow Choice Organic Teas’ Fair Trade Certified chamomile, hibiscus and spearmint are using the money received through Fair Trade premiums, paid by Fair Trade importers, to implement programs to address their high illiteracy rate. They have started reading and writing classes and have established scholarship funds to allow children to complete their education. Additionally they are working towards implementing private healthcare and life insurance for all farmers and factory workers. A representative from Choice Organic Teas’ Fair Trade Egyptian farm notes that, “Fair Trade has proven to be a very effective and practical way to brighten the future and turn around farmers lives. It is giving farmers access to financial resources and helping them organize in groups to support and help themselves and their communities.”

Every purchase of Fair Trade Certified tea from Choice Organic Teas offers consumers a quality cup and provides workers and their families the opportunity to take an active role in improving their lives. Fair Trade certification guarantees fair wages, respectable living and working conditions and a worker-managed premium. For more information on Fair Trade certification, visit

About Choice Organic Teas
A brand of Granum, Inc. of Seattle, Choice Organic Teas made its debut in 1989 as an outgrowth of the company founder Blake Rankin’s active involvement in the organic marketplace. As North America’s # 1 selling exclusively certified organic tea line Choice Organic Teas has promoted the growth and development of organic agriculture in tea estates worldwide. They offer more than seventy varieties of Black, Green, Oolong, White teas, and herbal infusions available in teabags and loose leaf. In 2000, Choice Organic Teas became the first tea crafter in the United States to offer Fair Trade Certified tea, expanding awareness of a just form of trade with the developing world. Choice Organic Teas are manufactured in a certified organic facility where Green-e Certified renewable energy certificates (RECs) from wind power are purchased to offset emissions from 100 percent of their electricity usage and to support clean energy development. Visit for more information.

Autumn White
Choice Organic Teas / Granum, Inc.
(206) 525-0051

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