Chr. Hansen launches the FruitMax® line of coloring foodstuffs

Chr. Hansen launches the FruitMax® line of coloring foodstuffs

The new FruitMax® line of coloring gives confectionery producers the opportunity to color their candy "with food," to avoid E-number declaration on the product label.

Just like the rest of the international F&B industry confectionery producers are replacing the much-debated synthetic colors with natural colors these years. Moreover, increased consumer awareness of product labels and additives has accelerated the confectioners’ demand for coloring foodstuffs. More and more new products are launched with coloring foodstuffs as retailers and manufacturers acknowledge the potential they hold in terms of marketing value. Launching the third generation of the coloring foodstuffs range FruitMax®, Chr. Hansen extends its offering to confectioners looking for powerful coloring foodstuffs in bright and vibrant shades.

Color food with food

“The main advantage of using coloring foodstuffs is the opportunity to ‘color food with food’, so to speak, thereby avoiding E-number declaration on the product label. This is attractive to many producers, and not only in Europe,” explains Marianne Bundgaard, Product Manager, Natural Colors Division.

“The emotional benefits offered by coloring foodstuffs are driving the demand for FruitMax®,” Marianne Bundgaard continues. “We see a big interest in coloring foodstuffs from the global manufacturers and this interest has a spillover effect on the big national players. With our new FruitMax® products we are able to offer our customers the opportunity to convert more confectionery products to using coloring foodstuffs.”

The new FruitMax® family members are suitable for various confectionery applications, enabling bright shades ranging from lush green and vivid yellow over clear orange and stunning red to intense purple and blue. Coloring foodstuffs are food ingredients with coloring properties that may be added to food and beverages without declaring them as E-numbers. They are considered food ingredients and not additives and they originate from fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices or other edible raw materials.

Visitors to Chr. Hansen’s stand at the Food Ingredients Europe trade show in Paris, France November 29 – December 1, 2011 will have the chance get a close look at the FruitMax® palette. You will find Chr. Hansen’s natural color experts at stand no. 2D31 in hall 2.

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