Chr. Hansen launches new meat culture that kills listeria

Chr. Hansen launches new meat culture that kills listeria

Safepro® B-LC-007 starter culture inhibits pathogen bacteria and boosts the right Mediterranean aroma in Italian-style salami.

Now meat manufacturers won’t have to compromise on food safety when they want to produce the authentic Mediterranean salami. With Chr. Hansen’s new starter culture it is possible to produce the delicate Italian-style salami and still maintain full control of food safety.

The answer is Safepro® B-LC-007, a starter culture ensuring
• Prevention of Listeria growth and maximum Salmonella suppression
• Typical Mediterranean aroma
• Fast and full color development

Many strings to play
“The new product is a multi-strain culture that combines the positive features of the individual strains in relation to acidification, color and flavor formation and not least a documented antilisterial effect.

On top our culture adds the final Latin touch that makes the salami so irresistible and even reduces the risk of oxidation, which ensures that the color remains stable throughout shelf-life,” explains John Jensen, Marketing Director, Meat Cultures, Chr. Hansen. ”The versatility of this unique combination culture encompassing two types of Pediococcus, a Lactobacillus, Staphylococci and Debarymyces hansenii makes it suitable for a wide temperature range – and it will also suppress any undesired wild/spoilage flora,” Jensen points out.

No need to compromise on authenticity
So far it has been a well-known challenge for producers that a fast pH drop gives acidic North European-style salami.
But Safepro® B-LC-007, along with several starter cultures from Chr. Hansen, will result in a product that has a mild and appealing flavor – faster. The secret lies in the acidic flavor being less affected by the pH and the acidification speed than by the dominant organic acid.

Meet us at FIE

This is but a fraction of what Chr. Hansen’s experts are bringing to FIE on November 29 – December 1. Come see and taste for yourself and have an informal chat with our people. Some of the world’s leading food companies rely on us when it comes improving their products and developing new ones – we can assist you too. Meet Chr. Hansen at stand no. 2D31 in hall 2. More information at

About Chr. Hansen
Chr. Hansen is a global bioscience company that develops natural ingredient solutions for the food, nutritional, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. All solutions are based on strong research and development competencies and significant technology investments. Revenue in FY2010/11 was EUR 636 million. The company enjoys market leadership in all its divisions: Cultures & Enzymes, Health & Nutrition and Natural Colors. There are more than 2,300 dedicated employees in over 30 countries. For further information, please visit

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