Chr. Hansen Sets Out On a Magical Tour of the Senses

In March, Chr. Hansen will embark on a Magical Sensory Tour on wheels through nine Eastern European countries. Along the way, Chr. Hansen will learn about local taste preferences, exchange knowledge with university students, and invite customers to board the showroom to experience “the magic of the senses.”

On March 8, 2005, Chr. Hansen, one of the world’s leading suppliers of food ingredients, will set out on a Magical Sensory Tour through Eastern Europe. This new Chr. Hansen campaign will start in Prague on March 10 and end in Poland on April 19. On the tour, Chr. Hansen will make more than 19 stops at universities, food producers and other food related hotspots in these markets. Customers will be invited to a Chr. Hansen universe filled with magical ingredient solutions and product presentations by Chr. Hansen experts.

“This imaginative method of promoting Chr. Hansen is a new and unique way of demonstrating how Chr. Hansen can assist clients in the creation of innovative solutions, ” explains Jan Boeg Hansen, Group Vice President of Chr. Hansen. “The showroom on wheels will contain the ingredients necessary to create an experience for all the senses. Here you can see, hear, feel, smell and taste everything related to the food and beverage industries. It is a sensory explosion, fireworks on the tongue, and an added touch of magic.”

The Trend is Clear

To Mr. Boeg Hansen the trend is clear. The main focus of the food industry has shifted from product development to concept development. New and innovative solutions are essential in order to stand out from one’s competitors. A truth that is more valid than ever in the fast changing food industry.

Mr. Boeg Hansen indeed practices what he preaches. His latest creative initiative has resulted in the creation of the Magical Sensory Tour - a 8,500 kilometer tour through nine Eastern European countries, which includes Ukraine, Romania and Croatia. The 50 square meter showroom is equipped with all the provisions necessary to create a transcendent experience for all the senses.

“We could have chosen to attend a trade show as we have done so often in the past,” says Mr. Boeg Hansen. “By going on a tour, however, we will be able to learn a lot about specific niche markets. It will also give us the opportunity to get in contact with more people from within our customer organization.”

Think Globally; Act Locally
Chr. Hansen has become a global company by acting locally. However, it doesn’t intend to stop there - the goal at Chr. Hansen is to constantly improve and refine. The company aims to accomplish this by getting closer and more committed to its customers, their markets, and the needs they have for new and innovative solutions.
“The strategy we’re embarking upon in March,” Mr. Boeg Hansen says, “not only gives us the opportunity to learn from market leaders within the food industry, but it also is an invitation to our customers to view life through the lens that almost anything is possible when you awake your senses. We don’t make the moment, our customers do. We just add the magic.”

For more information and to view the travel schedule of the Magical Sensory Tour, visit

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Operating from facilities in thirty countries worldwide, Chr. Hansen is a global biotechnology company that provides ingredients to the food, dairy, human health and nutrition, and animal health industries. Based on intensive research, Chr. Hansen works to improve the quality of food and health for people all over the world. The company is a primary supplier of cultures, probiotics, enzymes, colors, flavors, seasonings, sweeteners, and tablet coatings and excipients, which are applied in foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements and agricultural products.

Linda Sweek, Communications & PR Manager
[email protected]

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