Chr. Hansen's Expansion of USA Culture Facility Increases Capacity, Technology, and Efficiency

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Chr. Hansen, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of dairy and food ingredients, is nearing completion of a $7.4 million upgrade to its culture plant in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The largest single expansion ever in the plant's history, it will increase fermentation capacity by 35 percent and complete a five-year investment plan of $25 million.

"Our international company, headquartered in Denmark, has made an extraordinary commitment to the US marketplace where we’re already an industry leader," states President and CEO David R. Carpenter. "This expansion will allow Chr. Hansen to offer customers a more highly technical production process and enhanced product development so we will be able to produce more and different products. We intend to introduce second generations of several of our popular products such as Easy-Set™, as well as more innovations in probiotics."

In the plant, a 30,000 liter fermentor is being added, with room to add another in the future. To follow design requirements, an upper penthouse is built with a specially designed roof hatch to allow installation of the new fermentors. A second UHT (Ultra High Temperature Sterilizer) is also added.

The packaging area has been upgraded as well, with a new control room. Larger separators with automatic cryoprotection equipment have been added. This process simultaneously combines material directly from the separator with cryoprotectant to stabilize the culture concentrate quickly and more efficiently. Freeze-drying and packaging is being upgraded to support and meet the extra capacity of the fermentation area.

"An important part of this successful expansion has been a close global exchange with our colleagues in the Chr. Hansen culture plants in Denmark and France," says plant manager Greg Wyman. "By sharing and implementing each other's technology and production processes, we all can manufacture cultures at the highest efficiency, consistency, and quality."

Chr. Hansen is among the world's top ingredient suppliers of cultures for cheese, yogurt and other dairy products as well as coagulants for cheese.

“We’re a dairy industry leader because people have come to equate Chr. Hansen with strong scientific backing for our products as well as some of the world’s best quality control and most innovative ingredients," Carpenter concludes.

In addition, Chr. Hansen produces cultures for meat and wine, colors, flavors, seasonings and sweeteners for foods and beverages; microbial and food safety products for agriculture; and tablet coatings and excipients for dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals. Operating from facilities in 30 countries worldwide, Chr. Hansen is a global biotechnology company that provides ingredients to the food, dairy, human health and nutrition, and animal health and nutrition industries. Based on intensive research and biotechnology, Chr. Hansen works to improve the quality of food and health for people all over the world. For more information on Chr. Hansen, visit

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