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Chromadex Launches New Lines of Reference Materials

Santa Ana, CA. August 15, 2003 -- ChromaDex, Inc., officially launches two new lines of reference materials that are breakthroughs for the dietary supplement industry. These reference materials are in two classes.

ARMs™ - Analytical Reference Materials. ARMs primarily aid in determining the scientific validity of the methods used to test botanical extracts. Secondly, ARMs assist in characterizing products and verifying processes. ARMs come with carefully determined values for their chemical composition and physical properties along with the methods used to obtain these values. ARMs provide method assessment capability for a host of phytochemicals in complex matrices. Even more, ARMs help determine the consistency of the methods and processes employed. ARMs are quantitative method and process assessment tools for botanical products whether or not they are extracts.

BRMs™ - Botanical Reference Materials. BRMs are well-characterized reference materials for specific plants. The characterization of BRMs includes macro and microscopic information for a specific genus and species of plant. Many BRMs come with Thin Layer Chromatograms (TLC) “fingerprints” of the botanical along with certified identity and source to further assist in material evaluation. BRMs come with the documentation necessary to judge the plant material and to assess the evaluative approach. BRMs give users the tools necessary to know that their botanical raw material evaluation is comprehensive while affording them the opportunity to begin assessment of the material’s composition.

Along with ChromaDex Reference Standards (CRSs) ARMs and BRMs provide the tools necessary to develop and apply scientifically valid analytical methods to botanical products used in the nutraceutical industry.

“ARMs and BRMs are very exciting, exclusive additions to our product portfolio,” says Frank Jaksch, Jr., Chief Executive Officer of ChromaDex. “ARMs and BRMs represent a quantum leap in methods development and evaluation for botanical products. Now our customers have the tool set they need (ARMs, BRMs and CRSs) for assurance today and compliance tomorrow with the upcoming GMPs for dietary supplements. These new product line launches offer our customers a complete range of analytical tools to evaluate botanical products from biomass to bottle. Just as we do with our CRSs, ARMs and BRMs come with the analytical methods used to make the determinations found in the C of A. ARMs, BRMs and CRSs are the ABCs of botanical analytical methods. ChromaDex is setting THE standard for the reference products necessary in the nutraceutical industry.”

About ChromaDex
ChromaDex, Inc., a privately-held, Santa Ana, California based company, is a world leader in the development and distribution of nutraceutical and botanical reference standards. The company which has strategic relationships with Bayer Innovation, a subsidiary of Bayer AG and Avoca, provides the dietary supplement, functional foods, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries with the analytical tools, products, and methods to meet the regulatory, quality, efficacy and safety standards for their products.

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