Chrysantis(TM) Announces Zeaxanthin Brand Name: EZ Eyes(TM)

West Chicago, IL (June 13, 2005) –Chrysantis™, Inc. announces EZ Eyes™, a new brand name for its natural zeaxanthin products. Chrysantis General Manager Manuel Pavon says, “Zeaxanthin is one of the more difficult nutrient names to pronounce, and EZ Eyes is a lot easier to say and to remember. And as the only source of natural zeaxanthin on the market, it’s important for us to differentiate our products through branding.” He goes on to say, “We are planning some educational events to help people remember the ingredient name and the brand, but in time, we hope EZ Eyes will become synonymous with natural zeaxanthin.”

Zeaxanthin (zee-uh-zan’-thin) is a vital supplement for guarding against age-related macular degeneration, or AMD. Like lutein, zeaxanthin is produced in Marigold flowers. A typical Marigold flower carotenoid profile is 80 percent lutein and 5 percent zeaxanthin. Chrysantis has a wide range of proprietary zeaxanthin-lutein Marigolds with profiles that vary from 75 percent zeaxanthin and 5 percent lutein to 50 percent zeaxanthin and 50 percent lutein.

Chrysantis is working to build awareness about the importance of zeaxanthin in eye health, which has the potential to positively impact millions of people that either have or are at risk of having AMD, which is the leading cause of blindness in adults.

According to Pavon, “Macular degeneration is one of the age-related conditions which people are learning to guard against. Recent research indicates that zeaxanthin supplementation is particularly important for women and for overweight people, making it a vital component of many supplement formulas.”

Chrysantis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ball Horticultural Company based in West Chicago, IL. It is dedicated to developing high-quality plant-based products for dietary supplement manufacturers and the functional foods industry that will enhance human health. Family-owned Ball Horticultural Company has been researching, breeding and selling the highest-quality flower seed varieties for 100 years. The company’s understanding of the compounds that are responsible for flower color (carotenoids, anthocyanins, flavonoids) led to the creation of Chrysantis, Inc which aims to bring those products to market.

For more information, call 630 588-3474 or visit

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