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Ciranda Launches First EcoSocial Certified Sustainable Palm Products

CIRANDA, a major supplier of innovative organic ingredients, announces the expansion of its fair trade, organic product lines adding EcoSocial certified Palmfruit™ oils and shortening to its fair traded cocoa products.

“With the arrival of our first container of EcoSocial certified palm shortening in the US, manufacturers who use organic shortening have additional opportunities to demonstrate to consumers that they are taking action to support sustainable, fair trade agriculture in the tropics” said Eckhart Kiesel, CIRANDA’s VP of Innovations and Development.

In October 2008, CIRANDA was the only palm oil supplier to sign the Rainforest Action Network’s (RAN) pledge to support a moratorium on the expansion of palm oil plantations into tropical forests and committed to source palm oil in a way that does not destroy rainforests. Working with farmers to replace slash and burn practices with sustained yield agroforesty methods, Palmfruit™ oils are produced in a sustainable organic system that is preserving the environment and bringing economic and social benefits to communities near the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil.

CIRANDA’s Palmfruit™ palm products are produced by AgroPalma and certified by IBD Brazil. The EcoSocial certification assures that the producer practices fair relations in trading socially and environmentally certified products. It also verifies that the producer invests in programs of human and social development for employees, farmers and neighborhood communities, as well as in programs of environmental conservation. For more information see .
For more information or samples, please contact CIRANDA at 715-386-1737, or visit our website

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