Citra-Solv, LLC Adds Enzymatic Spot Remover and Drain Opener to its Growing “Citra” Household Products Line

Ridgefield, CT—Citra-Solv, LLC, manufacturer of naturally-derived household and personal care products, has announced the introduction of Citra-Spot® and Citra-Drain® natural enzyme-based products to its growing family of “Citra” brands.

According to Citra-Solv, LLC Executive Manager Steve Zeitler, the introduction of Citra-Spot® and Citra-Drain® addresses a growing consumer trend toward enzymatic cleaners. “We are committed to providing our customers with natural alternatives for their household cleaning needs,” says Zeitler. “Both of our enzymatic products offer real cleaning power, without compromising on our natural position.”

As their names indicate, Citra-Spot® and Citra-Drain® are formulated for specific cleaning needs. Both use biodegradable enzymes and other naturally-derived ingredients to tackle spots and stains, as well as residues that cause slow drains. The formulas also include real orange extracts that leave behind a fresh citrus scent with every use. Citra-Spot comes in a convenient 22-ounce trigger-spray bottle that has settings for both soaking mist and concentrated stream applications. Citra-Drain comes in an easy-to-pour 22-ounce bottle. Both package labels echo the vibrant, popular graphics found on other “Citra” products from Citra- Solv, LLC.

The combination of naturally-derived cleaning agents and fragrant citrus aromas has been the key to success for Citra-Solv, LLC. The company’s original product, Citra-Solv® natural cleaner and degreaser, is America’s #1 Natural Household Cleaner*, and has been the catalyst behind the company’s line extensions such as Citra-Solv Ready-To-Use spray, Citra-Dish, Citra-Suds, as well as Citra-Clear™ glass and surface cleaner and Citra-Wood™ furniture polish.

For more information, contact Citra-Solv, LLC at (800) 343-6588, via e-mail at [email protected] com or via the world wide web at The company may also be contacted at Citra-Solv, LLC, P.O. Box 2597, Danbury, CT 06813-2597, or via fax at (203) 778-0911. As with all Citra-Solv, LLC products, qualified retailers, wholesalers and distributors are welcomed to ask for free samples via phone, fax, e-mail or in writing.

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