Clear Conscience Pet's SuperGravy turns pet food into superfood

Clear Conscience Pet's SuperGravy turns pet food into superfood

Clear Conscience Pet has launched SuperGravy, the first-ever Holistic Instant Gravy Mix and Concentrated SuperFood enhancer for pet food.

Clear Conscience Pet(R) founded on the principles of humane sources and superb nutrition, and will only use grass-fed meat ingredients raised humanely by independent ranchers. Now the company has launched SuperGravy(TM), the first-ever Holistic Instant Gravy Mix and Concentrated SuperFood(TM) enhancer for pet food. SuperGravy(TM) is formulated for dogs, cats and ferrets Clear Conscience Logoof all ages, breeds, sizes and lifestyles.

"SuperGravy is a healthy and delicious answer for pets that don't eat well due to any number of factors," said Anthony Bennie, the inventor of SuperGravy(TM) and the Founder and President of Clear Conscience Pet(R): "Put a small scoop into any pet food, stir it with water and watch the magic!"

Clear Conscience Pet(R) is looking for America's pickiest dogs, cats, or ferrets to participate in a free trial of SuperGravy(TM). Visit and tell the story of your picky pet, and you may be selected to receive a free 30-day supply.

SuperGravy(TM) Enhances Pet Food 4 Ways(TM):

1 - Dramatically increased palatability; The Healthy Solution for Picky Eaters(TM): For pets who are:

a. Simply very picky eaters; b. Who may be losing their appetites due to aging; c. Those with serious illnesses, including animals with cancer who may be receiving chemotherapy; d. Pets forced to switch from their preferred foods to less tasty "prescription diets" as part of veterinary treatment.

In all of these situations, SuperGravy(TM) can be the solution to revitalized appetites. In some cases, getting an older or ill pet to eat consistently can literally be a lifesaver.

2 - Humanely sourced organ meats: Liver and heart from grass-fed, free range raised bison and beef are concentrated in SuperGravy(TM). Organ meats are one of the best sources of A and B vitamins, minerals, taurine, Coenzyme Q10, and high-quality protein.

3 - Aztec Omegas(TM): Chia seed (Salvia hispanica L) is revered as the "miracle food" of the ancient Aztecs. It is an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acids, and a powerful antioxidant. SuperGravy(TM) is one of the first holistic pet products to use Chia.

4 - Organic SuperVeggies(TM): Spinach, pumpkin, and carrots, all "superfoods," are added in concentrated form to provide immune-boosting phytonutrients

"To get their pets to eat, many families add expensive super-premium canned pet food, or people foods that may not be good for pets," said Bennie. "For about 35 cents a day, SuperGravy(TM) can improve ANY pet food's taste and nutrition, compared to around two bucks day for canned food. And SuperGravy(TM) comes in a small pouch for a 30-day supply, instead of cases of heavy cans and packaging - so it's economical and better for the planet."

SuperGravy(TM) is available at and coming soon to independent pet food retailers and e-tailers, natural food stores, veterinarians, and wherever holistic pet food is sold.

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