Clinically researched bacopa extract redefined; BACOGNIZE® now HPLC-standardized to serotonin-active compounds

Noblesville, IN, USA, October 18, 2007 – Verdure Sciences announced today that BACOGNIZE® Extract, the clinically researched ingredient derived from bacopa monnieri, after an extensive analytical program, has been further characterized to its 100% natural serotonin-active profile of unique glycosides.

A substantial amount of published human and in vivo research supports the use of bacopa monnieri for areas of cognitive health, particularly for helping the brain regulate mood and adapt to stress. Traditionally used in Indian and Asian cultures, bacopa is an integral part of an Indian pharmacopoeia refined over the past two to three thousand years. Noted in the traditional literature is regular use of bacopa as a nerve tonic by people within a broad range of ages.

“Parallel with our mission to provide efficacy and consistency across the board, we thought it was necessary to improve upon the non-specific ultraviolet spectrometry method for ‘Total Bacosides’, a method which may or may not detect the active glycosides,” said Blake Ebersole, Technical Director of Verdure Sciences. “By HPLC-standardizing to the serotonin-active bacopa phytochemicals, we are now able to provide exact levels of the exact compounds researched for the plant’s cognition-enhancing activity.”

In addition to a prior clinical study on medical students indicating the BACOGNIZE's benefits for memory and focus, new clinical evidence in a recent placebo-controlled trial on BACOGNIZE reveals cognitive benefits for mood, memory, and focus in healthy subjects of older ages within the increasing ‘baby boomer’ population.

BACOGNIZE, a proprietary extract from 100% bacopa monnieri, is manufactured at Verdure Sciences’ ISO-9000:2001, HACCP, botanicals-only facility; is supported by its own clinical, safety, and natural phytochemical profiles; and is Kosher- and Halal-certified, and GMO-free. To find out more about the newly redefined BACOGNIZE at Supplyside West, visit us at booth 21049 or visit

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Verdure Sciences strives to offer the most innovative bionutritionals through the integration of proprietary offerings, expertise, and consummate resources.

With the main focus on research and production capabilities, an extensive pipeline of clinically studied ingredients is geared to the needs of general populations and subpopulations with special health concerns.

Contact: Blake Ebersole
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