Clinically Tested BSP 201 Preparing For North American Market Launch

BSP Pharma To Exhibit at Natural Products Expo West to Identify Potential North American Partners for Launch of an Effective Dietary Supplement for Sore Joints and Muscles.

Aarhus, Denmark - February, 2nd, 2004 - BSP Pharma A/S, an international research and development company owned by Aarhus United A/S and Astion A/S, will be exhibiting at SupplyExpo, Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim CA, the world's largest natural products tradeshow, with plans to identify a potential North American partner to launch BSP 201. Clinically tested and patented BSP 201 is a safe dietary supplement that has shown significant effect on sore joints and muscles. BSP 201 is easy to formulate into soft-gel caps as a dietary supplement, into sports nutrition or into a wide variety of foods as a functional ingredient.

BSP 201 is a unique dietary supplement excelling in a high content of triterpene esters. BSP 201 is based purely on concentrated fractions of the sheanut oil, which enjoys GRAS status by the FDA. Shea butter, also derived from the sheanut, was introduced to the Western diet in the 1930's and is still being used as an excellent ingredient in various food products. Furthermore, Shea butter has been used for decades in internationally branded cosmetics, valued for its emollient properties and ability to treat irritated skin.

Convincing Clinical Study

The first clinical efficacy study on BSP 201 was conducted to evaluate the effects of BSP 201 in human beings as well as the safety and tolerability. The study of BSP 201 was based on a Post Exercise Muscle Soreness model, PEMS, wherein experimentally induced muscle soreness was introduced to the subjects of the study following eccentric exercise of the First Dorsal Interosseous (FDI) hand muscle. The cytokines released by the muscle strain e.g. TNF-á and IL-6 play a key role in arthritis and a number of other systemic inflammatory conditions. The daily intake of BSP 201 hence gave a fast, sta-tistically significant and clinically relevant reduction in the soreness experienced by the subjects.

About BSP Pharma A/S

BSP Pharma A/S is an international, R&D driven company, dedicated to developing groundbreaking products to combat ailments such as arthritis, psoriasis, eczema and herpes simplex. The major stakeholder Aarhus United is one of the world-leading suppliers of vegetable specialty fats for the food and cosmetics industries and the world-leading sup-plier of products based on sheanut oil. The minor stakeholder Astion A/S is a Danish bio-pharmaceutical research and development company focusing on the development and production of pharmacological active compounds derived from plants.

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