CNI features its functional and nutritional Solutions: Equacia™ & Fibregum™

Colloides Naturels International (CNI) features the nutritional texturizer designed to mimic the rheological and mouthfeel properties of fat or sugar while fortifying products with dietary fiber (90% guaranteed on dry extract).

Obtained from an innovative and proprietary process, EQUACIA™ is a co-processed ingredient based on two all-natural fibers: soluble Acacia fiber and insoluble gluten-free wheat fiber. The EQUACIA™ product line is manufactured using proprietary technology developed exclusively by CNI: the results is a unique synergistic combination in term of texture as compared to a simple blending of the same two fibers. EQUACIA™ combines the numerous proven nutritional and health benefits of Acacia gum (notably a strong prebiotic effects from 6g/day and the potential ability to reduce blood glycemia) with the well-known positive effects of insoluble fibers on transit regulation.

EQUACIA™ is suitable for applications in bakery, dressings, mayonnaise-type products, gourmet sauces, ice cream and confectionery. EQUACIA™ has been designed to replace 50% of the fat content or more in these applications, with no taste modification, an improved texture and an extended shelf-life. For example, in bakery products, EQUACIA™ allows a noticeable gain in water and reduces staling. In egg-free light mayonnaise, EQUACIA™ not only addresses vegan and egg protein allergy concerns, but it also helps lower cholesterol intake while fortifying with a good balance of soluble and insoluble fibers. As a result, the nutritional profile of the food product is improved while its overall formulation cost is significantly reduced.

EQUACIA™ develops its viscosity immediately after dissolution. It withstands all food manufacturing processes and is not affected by pH or temperature extremes.

EQUACIA™ is labeled as Acacia gum (Acacia fiber) and wheat fiber and benefits from the valuable linkage to an all natural product, which is GRAS, non-GMO, allergen-free with high microbiological purity.

FIBREGUM™ & FIBREGUM™ BIO (organic) product line delivers all natural dietary fiber based on 100% Acacia gum. The soluble dietary fiber content is guaranteed at minimum 90% (dry weight, AOAC). FIBREGUM™ & FIBREGUM™ BIO are easily incorporated into formulations with no impact on viscosity, despite their high solubility. They are stable at extreme temperature over a wide pH range. FIBREGUM™ BIO is the organic version of FIBREGUM™ complying with NOP, therefore extending the list of organic ingredients in organic finished products.

CNI-Colloides Naturels International is part of Iranex group, one of the world leading ingredients supplier for nutrition, food, pharmacy and cosmetics. Iranex includes CNI, the world leader for the natural colloïds and gums (CNI owns 8 distribution subsidiaries and markets its products through a network of 75 agents in the world), Starlight Products, the specialist of vegetal raw materials sourcing, Nutriprocess, the European spraydrying expert, Afritec, company dedicated to the first step of the acacia gum process and Bio Serae Laboratories, a producer and supplier of natural nutraceutical ingredients for food, health and well being.

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