CNS, Inc., Introduces Breathe Right(R) Snore Relief(TM) Throat Spray Snore Relief Throat Spray to be Shipped to U.S. Retailers Beginning in July

MINNEAPOLIS, March 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- CNS, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNXS), a consumer health care products company, today announced the introduction of Breathe Right(R) Snore Relief(TM) throat spray, a drug-free remedy that has been clinically shown to provide relief from snoring. The new throat spray will be shipped to retailers beginning in July 2002 and sold through supermarkets, drugstores and mass merchandise retailers nationwide.

More than 85 million Americans snore. Common causes of snoring include nasal breathing difficulties or loose, vibrating throat tissues -- or a combination of these factors. CNS, maker of Breathe Right(R) nasal strips, is introducing new Breathe Right Snore Relief throat spray to its product line in order to provide relief for both types of snorers. The Snore Relief throat spray contains a pleasant-tasting blend of natural oils that lubricates and smoothes throats, while a natural astringent firms loose tissues to reduce the vibrations that cause snoring. By comparison, drug-free Breathe Right nasal strips reduce snoring by opening blocked nasal passages. Breathe Right nasal strips are the #1 over-the-counter solution for snoring relief, according to AC Nielsen.

"The Snore Relief throat spray leverages our strong equity in snoring and broadens our portfolio of better breathing products," said Marti Morfitt, president and chief executive officer of CNS. "Because the throat spray addresses a different cause of snoring than Breathe Right nasal strips, it nicely complements our existing Breathe Right product line. In fact, our research indicates that more than 85 percent of throat spray sales could come from new and incremental consumers. We expect the new product to break even in its first year and grow profitably after that."

The Snore Relief throat spray may be used alone or in conjunction with Breathe Right nasal strips. Both Breathe Right Snore Relief throat spray and Breathe Right nasal strips are clinically proven to significantly reduce the loudness, frequency and duration of snoring, and improve the quality of sleep for the snorer and the bedpartner. Research shows that up to 85 percent of snorers experience a reduction or elimination of their symptoms using Breathe Right products.

CNS plans to leverage marketing support of the Breathe Right brand and new throat spray with an integrated marketing campaign, including advertising, public relations and direct mail. To ensure that every snorer finds the best possible solution for his/her snoring, all Breathe Right throat spray packages will include free samples of Breathe Right nasal strips, instructions to try the products together and individually, and a coupon for a future Breathe Right product purchase.

CNS, Inc., based in Minneapolis, is a growing company that designs, manufactures and markets consumer health care products, including the Breathe Right(R) nasal strip and FiberChoice(R) chewable fiber tablets. The company focuses on products that address important consumer needs within the aging well/self care market, including better breathing and digestive health. Its common stock is listed on the Nasdaq National Market under the ticker symbol "CNXS." More information about CNS and its products is available at

Some of the information contained in this news release is forward-looking and subject to certain business risks as described in the company's filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including those referred to in its Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2001. This news release contains forward-looking statements, which involve risks and uncertainties.

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