Codex Agrees On Risk Analysis Principles For Nutrients

Agreement was reached on the internationally accepted approach for the safety evaluation of nutrients at the November Codex meeting in South Africa, IADSA can report.

The Codex Nutrition Committee agreed the Nutrient Risk Analysis Principles and the text is now ready for final adoption.

The principles are critically important for the setting of product maximum levels based on risk assessment.

The agreed document follows the 2006 FAO/WHO nutrient risk assessment report, which shares the principles included in the IADSA model for safety assessment, published in 2004.

“This is a very positive outcome,” said IADSA Chairman Byron Johnson. “The FAO/WHO model is an excellent basis for the future application of the risk assessment method and for the development of an internationally accepted table of maximum levels.”

The final adoption of the text will take place at the Codex Alimentarius Commission (the decision-making body in Codex) meeting in July next year.

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