Cognis introduces 7 non-GM, IP, natural-source vitamin E oils

Cognis introduces 7 non-GM, IP, natural-source vitamin E oils

New product range complements portfolio of non-GM natural-source vitamin E powder ingredients for foods and dietary supplements

Cognis Nutrition & Health, a global producer of health-enhancing ingredients for more than 50 years, is introducing seven new non-GM (genetically modified), IP (identity-preserved), natural-source vitamin E oils for dietary supplements and functional foods. The new oils complement Cognis’ range of five highly successful Covitol® and Covi-ox® non-GM vitamin E and mixed tocopherol powders.

The expanded portfolio includes Covitol® F1000-2 EU, a top choice for encapsulators, along with F-1300 EU. Covitol® oils composed of d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate include 1100 EU and 1250 EU. The three new mixed tocopherol oils are Covi-ox® T-50 EU, and T-70 EU, and T-90 EU. These clear viscous oils have mild taste and aroma, are made from natural vegetable oils and use diluent oil derived from sunflowers.

Cognis also leads the industry in the supply of other non-GM ingredients including, Tonalin® CLA, Vegapure® plant sterols and sterols esters, Betatene® natural mixed carotenoids, and Xangold® natural lutein esters.

“If a company is looking for the industry’s broadest portfolio of non-GM, IP natural-source vitamin E products, then they should first look to Cognis,” said Christine Peggau, Global Market Segment Manager, Dietary Supplements, Cognis Nutrition & Health. “The new oils add to Cognis’ range of non-GM natural vitamin E powders, available earlier in the year but in limited supply. Now, we are pleased to report that we have secured a vast, continuous supply of both the oils and the powders, and can provide these ingredients for virtually any order.”

Ms. Peggau explained that this is important news for customers and prospects looking to gain business or recapture lost sales in dietary supplements and functional foods.” “We are offering our customers tailor-made products and services – just tell us what you need, when you need it and where we should send it.”

She pointed out that demand for natural, non-GM vitamin E is solid and expects interest to grow as consumers strongly prefer natural ingredients over synthetic ones. In a consumer survey*, “67 percent of vitamin E users said they feel natural vitamin E is better than synthetic. In addition, 55% of consumers polled said they use the ingredient list and 33% use the label to tell if a supplement contains natural vitamin E. That’s powerful data for manufacturers looking to differentiate their products in increasingly crowded categories for nutritional supplements”. Ms. Peggau added that those brand marketers, restricted by labelling regulations, who may have switched to synthetic ingredients, should seriously consider the marketing advantages gained from selling products that are non-GM, IP and natural.

About Cognis’ Covitol® Natural Vitamin E and Covi-ox® Natural Mixed Tocopherols

Cognis’ Covitol® natural-source vitamin E and Covi-ox® natural mixed tocopherols are included in wide array of dietary supplements and foods sold worldwide. Research shows that vitamin E contributes to good health as we age. The U.S. National Academy of Sciences has officially recognized that natural vitamin E is twice as potent and retained twice as well as synthetic. Cognis offers 20 natural-source vitamin E and mixed tocopherol products, 12 of which are non-GM. Covitol® natural-source vitamin E is GRAS for a broad range of foods including baked goods, meat and poultry. Covi-ox® includes the industry’s highest concentration of mixed tocopherols, the natural forms of vitamin E provided in their unaltered tocopherol ratios. Covi-ox® natural mixed tocopherols are GRAS for applications including baked goods, meat, and poultry, and are acceptable for use in organic products.

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