Cognis Introduces New Vegapure® Ingredients in Expanded Portfolio of Natural Plant Sterols and Sterol Esters for Heart Health Dietary Supplements and Functional Foods

LAS VEGAS, NV (Nov. 9, 2005) -- Cognis Nutrition & Health, the world’s largest producer of phytosterols, is unveiling an expanded portfolio of Vegapure® natural plant sterol and sterol ester ingredients for heart health at the SupplySide West international trade show and conference. New to Cognis’ phytosterol family is Vegapure® FS, a free sterol ground powder, ideal for tablets and functional foods. To meet the increasing regulatory requirements worldwide, Cognis is also introducing three new, non-GM (genetically-modified), IP (identity-preserved) sterol and sterol ester products developed for tablets, soft-gels, two-piece hard shells and functional foods.

“With over 50 percent of American households managing their cholesterol, there’s a huge opportunity for makers of functional foods and dietary supplements -- if you have the right product,” said Laura Troha, Cognis’ Vegapure® Marketing Manager. “Cognis’ expanded line of seven Vegapure® sterols and sterol esters makes it ‘simple’ to customize products with a natural, safe ingredient clinically proven to lower cholesterol.”

The FDA has recognized phytosterols as an effective way to lower cholesterol and reduce cardiovascular disease risk. Ms. Troha explained that Cognis partners with manufacturers to apply this powerful message in product packaging and consumer marketing. Show attendees will be the first to see the new Vegapure® integrated marketing campaign based on a consistent theme targeted at the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.

“Vegapure® is everything consumers want in a heart health product, so beginning next February, it will be marketed to the public under the new co-branding name, Heart Choice™. The new campaign, including public relations and advertising, is expected to build awareness and demand for Heart Choice™ throughout 2006 and beyond. We will work in partnership with our customers to help pull sales through at the retail level.”

She pointed out that consumer awareness for the heart health benefits of phytosterols is higher in Europe than in the United States. “We offer the broadest product range of non-GM phytosterols which is of particular interest to manufacturers selling products in Europe where recent regulations now require labelling for GM ingredients in products categorized as foods. We have an interesting trade-off underway with our European colleagues educating us when it comes to phystosterols and foods, while we seem to be leading the way in dietary supplements.”

Ms. Troha discussed the vast opportunities available to reach U.S. consumers and build a competitive advantage during a special VendorWorks seminar, “How Science and Marketing Can Drive Sales of Phytosterols Products to Record Levels.” Requests for a free copy of the presentation may be sent with complete contact information to [email protected].

Announcement of Cognis’ expanded Vegapure® line follows the opening in July of its new $25 million high-performance facility in Illertissen, Germany built to increase capacity of sterol esters and Tonalin® CLA for body composition. “This state-of-the-art facility means Cognis has abundant supply of sterols and sterol esters, and can tailor production according to your precise formulation and manufacturing needs. We can provide exactly what you want, when you need it,” said Ms. Troha.

About Vegapure® sterols and sterol esters:
Vegapure® phytosterols are naturally found in vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, legumes, nuts, and grains. Studies show that a cholesterol reduction of 10 percent can be reasonably achieved through daily use of sterols and sterol esters. Cognis’ phytosterols meet the requirements of the FDA-approved health claim for sterols and sterol esters and reduced risk of coronary disease. Vegapure® ingredients are kosher and GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) for foods including vegetable oil spreads, salad dressings, bars, white bread products, cereals and dairy products.

Cognis’ expanded line of Vegapure® sterols and sterol esters are ideal for the following applications:

• Vegapure® 95 – Sterol ester oil for soft gels
• *Vegapure® 95 E – Non-GM, IP sterol ester oil for soft-gels and functional foods
• Vegapure® 95 FF – Sterol ester oil for functional foods
• Vegapure® 67 WDP – Sterol ester water-dispersible powder for two-piece hard shells and functional foods
• *Vegapure® 67 WDP E – Non-GM, IP sterol ester water-dispersible powder for two-piece hard shells and functional foods
• *Vegapure® FS – Free sterol ground powder for tablets and functional foods
• *Vegapure® FT E – Non-GM, IP free sterol ground powder for tablets and functional foods

*Introduced to the industry at SupplySide West, November 2005

For more information about Vegapure® natural sterols and sterol esters, visit or in North America, please call 800.673.3702 to place an order, e-mail [email protected], or fax 513.482.3576.

For information in Europe, call +49 2173 4995 116, e-mail [email protected], or fax +49 2112006-10116.
For information in Asia Pacific, call +61.3.9584.4588, e-mail [email protected], or fax +61.3.9584.8348.

About Cognis:

Cognis ( is a worldwide supplier of innovative specialty chemicals and nutritional ingredients. It employs about 8,100 people, and has production sites and service centers in 30 countries. The company has dedicated its activities to a high level of sustainability and delivers natural-source raw materials and ingredients for food, nutrition and healthcare markets, and the cosmetics, detergents and cleaners industries. Additionally, Cognis provides solutions for a number of other industries, such as coatings and inks, lubricants, textiles and plastics, as well as agriculture and mining. Cognis is owned by private equity funds advised by Permira, GS Capital Partners, and Schroder Ventures Life Sciences. In 2004, Cognis recorded sales of 3.07 billion Euros and an operating profit before depreciation, amortization and exceptional items (EBITDA adjusted) of 362 million Euros.

Cognis Nutrition and Health, a business unit of Cognis Group, offers one of the industry’s largest portfolios of natural-source, non-GM, health-enhancing ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods, medical nutrition, pharmaceutical and healthcare products. As a global supplier, Cognis partners with industry leaders to provide science-backed products to meet today’s most pressing consumer health needs. Cognis also manufactures emulsifiers, emulsifier-based compounds, and numerous other specialty products for the food industry worldwide.


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