Colostrum extract supports immune function, research says

Colostrum extract supports immune function, research says

New study adds to a decade of research involving Sterling Technology's Immunel ingredient that shows the colostrum extract supports immune function.

A colostrum low molecular weight fraction may rapidly mobilize and activate cells to support specific immune defense mechanisms, reports two published research papers in the journal Preventive Medicine.

Over a decade of research involving the Sterling Technology branded ingredient Immunel showed rapid changes in immune function, following a rigorous research strategy involving in vitro cellular bioassays, several animal airway models, and a recent human clinical study.

The human clinical study involved healthy volunteers in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over design to examine acute effects after ingesting a single dose of Immunel. The data demonstrated a rapid increase in phagocytic activity and transitory changes in NK cell trafficking upon oral consumption of Immunel. The parallel in vitro cellular testing also indicated that Immunel has rapid effects on phagocytic activity and NK cell activation. When Immunel was given to mice around the time of bacterial and viral challenges, immune-boosting benefits were observed. The results are published in two companion papers in Elsevier’s Preventive Medicine, a peer reviewed journal.

This research provides documentation of the ability of Immunel to rapidly boost cellular immune functions as an intelligent bioactive ingredient. This research establishes that Immunel can serve as a useful tool to quickly strengthen and support a healthy immune system, keeping it ready for when resistance support is needed.

After over a decade of research on the bioactive components of colostrum, Randy Kjelden, President of Sterling Technology comments, “We are pleased to share with the natural products community the results of many years of research efforts, and the continued developments we strive to achieve based on the naturally occurring components found in colostrum. It is our goal to scientifically substantiate the health solutions that bioactive components could offer for consumers of all ages; considering colostrum is the first initial food for mammals that provides immune support, it is not surprising research on immune health is one of those targets.” 

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