Comax Flavors introduces new fruit and herbal tea flavors

Comax Flavors introduces new fruit and herbal tea flavors

The flavor supplier offers manufacturers in the growing tea category an innovative range of flavor options to help set them apart from the competition.

Aside from water, tea is the most consumed beverage in the entire world.  The popularity of this good for you drink continues to be on the rise as more and more consumers discover the numerous health benefits of tea as well as its enjoyable taste. As a result, US tea sales are expected to grow to nearly $8 billion by 2014, according to a Packaged Facts 2011 report.

Today's tea enthusiasts are of all ages and look for exotic teas and interesting flavors.  In keeping ahead of the trend, Comax Flavors offers new tea flavors that are a fresh and exciting contrast to the standard teas of the past.  Some of these include:

.    Apple Chamomile -- The crisp and juicy flavor of fresh apple combined with sweet and floral chamomile. This flavor is available in natural or organic compliant and in water soluble forms.

.    Mint Chocolate -- A hint of cool peppermint completes the rich and creamy taste of milk chocolate - so decadent! This flavor is available in natural and artificial or artificial forms. Powdered, water soluble or oil soluble.

.    Pear Passionfruit -- Succulent anjou pear is infused with the fragrant, tropical essence of passionfruit. Available naturally in either water soluble liquid or powdered forms.

.    White Peach White Tea -- The soft floral undertones of white tea complement the delicately sweet flavor of white peach.  Available in natural, water soluble liquid form.

Cathy Armstrong, VP of Corporate Communications at Comax Flavors, stated, "As the tea category continues to boom, we are pleased to offer manufacturers a range of flavor options to help set them apart from the competition."

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Comax Flavors was founded in 1977 and remains today a family-run company. Comax is a major innovator in flavor and aroma chemical technologies, using vertical integration to effectively manage all the critical steps in the development process. From its considerable investment in R&D to its advanced manufacturing capabilities, Comax is ideally positioned to help its clients differentiate and distinguish themselves from their competitive environments with a wide variety of taste-appealing, cost-effective flavor solutions - solutions that specifically address the interests and desires of today's health- and value-conscious consumers.

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