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Comax unveils unique flavor duos

Comax unveils unique flavor duos
Sometimes compatible and sometimes contrasting, new combos work together to liven up a range of applications.

The sensation of taste can be categorized into five basic groups: sweet, bitter, sour, salty and umami. The tongue identifies each type in a distinct way. When these tastes are doubled up, it makes for a dimension of flavor like no other.

Comax Flavors offers unique flavor duos for a wide variety of applications. Sometimes compatible and sometimes contrasting, these combos work together to bring excitement to the palette. Some include:

• Chocolate Banana -- the richness of cocoa paired with the sweetness of fruit. Used in protein drinks, milk drinks yogurt and other dairy.
• Ginseng Lemon -- a tangy bite like no other that’s perfect for wine & spirits.
• Ginger Rosemary --the aromatic taste of rosemary paired with the sweet spice of ginger. Great for salad dressings and seasonings.
• Pink Grapefruit Ginger --the bitter sweetness of grapefruit with a delightful ginger kick. A unique blend for alcohol & beverages.
• Apple Pomegranate -- the taste of an old favorite with a new one that adds pizazz to pie fillings and fruit preps.
• Cucumber Melon Lime -- the crisp taste of cucumber, sweetness of melon and tartness of lime for beverages.
• Ginger Plum -- the ripe taste of plum with a touch of ginger spice offers an appealing mix for teas.
• Lemon Ginger -- a spiced sweetness with tang that is just right for candies and cream fillings.

“Sweet and savory is the current trend in flavors these days,” stated Catherine Armstrong, vice president of corporate communications at Comax Flavors. “Consumers continue to seek out interesting and contemporary taste fusions to jazz up their usual menu.”

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