Company Debuts 'Soyfee' Soy-Based Coffee Substitute

(New York, NY) - Will Soy Espresso be the next big taste trend in coffee shops? It will if Marina Kushner has anything to say about it. Kushner is founder of Soy Coffee LLC. The company recently started selling a soybean and caffeine free blend called Soyfee via its web site ( Kushner is also pitching the product to health food & gourmet shops.

"I enjoy drinking coffee and went looking for a healthy alternative. With all the interest in soy, an organically grown soybean product seemed like a real winner," said Kushner.

Kushner worked with a company that tested a variety of roasting techniques for soybeans. The blends were tried on friends and relatives for fresh brewed taste and aroma."Our product is unique in that our customers can actually munch on the coffee grounds after the coffee is brewed. The grounds are perfectly healthy, and contain all the health benefits of soy such as vitamins, isoflavones, genistein and daidzein. Nothing is lost in the brewing or roasting process."

Who is the ideal soy coffee drinker? The company is marketing Soyfee to a health conscious consumer who might be trying to eliminate caffeine from their diet. Decaf drinkers who already purchase more expensive Swiss Water Process Method decaffeinated coffee and women considering soy supplements for relief of menopausal symptoms are also seen as potential drinkers of Soyfee.

Soyfee comes in seven flavors including: original non-flavored, dark roast, house blend, French vanilla, hazelnut, almond amaretto and mocha. Soyfee can be purchased whole bean or ground. A 10 oz package is $9.95 plus shipping.

The company accepts mail order purchases via their website at

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