Company Leader's Quality Past Figures Largely in Nutritional Laboratories' Bright Future

MISSOULA, MONTANA - Since its inception in 1997, President Terry Benishek and his team of dietary supplement and pharmaceutical veterans have guided Nutritional Laboratories International (NLI) to contract manufacturing success. The company has twice been recognized in Dun & Bradstreet and Entrepreneur magazine’s annual survey as one of the fastest growing privately held companies in the U.S.

NLI’s success is, no doubt, a byproduct of the corporate head’s previous experience and philosophy on quality. A leader in the automotive industry, Benishek won numerous accolades for his ability to adhere to some of the world’s strictest quality control standards. Out of 817 suppliers, Navastar (formerly International Harvester) awarded Benishek’s company with the highest quality control rating ever given.

Though he traded automotive parts for capsules and tablets many years ago, the difference in quality standards between the automotive and dietary supplement industries disturbs Benishek. He says, “Coming out of the automotive industry, it’s clear that the vast majority of dietary supplement manufacturers would not be able to sell any part to an automobile manufacturer because the standards are not high enough. Yet, these are health care products that consumers ingest.”

Though NLI experiences consistent growth on an annual basis, it’s no wonder that sales have slumped for many other manufacturers in the dietary supplement industry. Consumers are as unsettled by the quality of dietary supplements as Benishek. And bombarded by negative media coverage as they are, consumers will only continue to lose confidence in the industry and the products it produces.

How can one man—one company—change an industry in the interest of regaining consumer trust? Benishek and NLI are leading the industry in the right direction by approaching dietary supplement manufacturing with pharmaceutical rather than food-level standards. In essence, Benishek demands more quality from NLI than the industry demands of all manufacturers.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, which the FDA closely regulates, supplement producers have limited national guidelines to help ensure that what they are doing is safe and of high quality. In 1997, the FDA drafted proposed GMP guidelines for dietary supplements, but those guidelines have yet to be implemented.

Until those guidelines are formally implemented, Benishek will ensure that Nutritional Laboratories operates under drug-level cGMP protocols. He knows that GMPs lie at the heart of quality, providing continual safety measures by uncovering quality fluctuations as they occur.

Every stage of production reflects Benishek’s quality commitment. This commitment has already attracted the attention of name-brand and small, specialty marketers. Those marketers and NLI share the same goal—to remain cost-competitive while enhancing consumer value in the field of health and wellness.

Benishek is confident that those still searching for quality manufacturing will find it in Missoula, Montana—one of “The 6 Best Places to Live in the U.S.” and home to NLI--one of the industry’s leading contract manufacturers.

Call (406) 273-5493 to arrange a tour of the new facility. Ask for Ned Becker Vice President, Sales, Marketing & Business Development. Or visit our website for a complete listing of the services we provide.

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