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Cognis' half-year results 2008: sales up significantly
In the first six months of 2008, global specialty chemicals supplier Cognis increased the net sales of its core businesses by 7.0 percent to 1.533 billion euros compared with the same period in 2007. On an organic basis, sales grew by 12.0 percent. All three strategic business units that focus on the innovation-driven wellness and sustainability markets — Care Chemicals, Nutrition & Health and Functional Products — contributed to the sales growth. The company also benefited from various initiatives to optimize its cost structures and further improve its efficiency, and was able to partially compensate its increased raw material costs by increasing its prices.

Supplier wins award in Iowa
Embria Health Sciences of Iowa has won the Ankeny Economic Development Corp's 2008 Commercial Investment Award. This is the fourth in a series of awards Embria has received over the past 18 months, including the Nutrition Business Journal Investment in the Future Award. Embria was selected for the commercial-investment award based on its creation of new employment opportunities within the community, as well as the local economic stimulus Embria brought with its newly constructed $10-million Ankeny headquarters, which, fortunately, was spared in the June flooding.

Indena launches Opextan website
Indena has launched a website dedicated to Opextan — — a patented olive fruit extract proven to have remarkable antioxidant and skin protective capability for healthy, beautiful skin. The website offers easy access to product details with separate sections designed to reflect the unique needs of the different audiences.

Quaker makes eco-friendly move
Quaker Oats has made a commitment to reduce its environmental footprint by switching from PVC to Gilbreth Earthfirst PLA (corn-based polylactic acid) material. The tamper-evident banding will be used on the company's entire product line. Gilbreth Packaging offers PLA film as an annually renewable, compostable and economically stable plant-based material to replace traditional petroleum-based neck bands and shrink labels.

UNPA welcomes new member
Verdure Sciences has joined the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA), an association of 34 member companies committed to the promotion of safe and effective natural products supported by science. UNPA, founded in 1991, was instrumental in the passage of DSHEA. Verdure Sciences is based in Indiana, and produces such bionutritionals as Pomella and WokVel Extract.

General Mills buys LaraBar
Humm Foods, Denver-based maker of fruit and nut nutrition bars LaraBar and LaraBar Jocalat, was acquired by General Mills. The brands will be part of the Minneapolis food giant's Small Planet Foods, the natural and organic products group that includes Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Lara Merriken, who founded Humm Foods in 2002, will stay on as creative director of the 26-employee company.

Green-tea extract wins award
Indena has been awarded Frost & Sullivan's 2008 European Green Tea Extracts Excellence in Research Award. The award will be presented on Nov 11 in London. Indena offers Greenselect green-tea extract consisting of a standardised polyphenolic fraction obtained from green-tea leaves. Indena introduced its caffeine-free extract from green-tea leaves, characterized by a high content (not less than 66.5 per cent) of polyphenols, with the main constituent epigallocatechin 3-O-gallate accounting for not less than 50 per cent of the extract.

Private labelling programme
Aiya America is beginning a private labelling programme, including a number of its highest-quality grades for the US market. One of the largest tea companies in the world, Aiya packages organic teas in an ISO 9001, 'Superior' ranked AIB, kosher-certified facility. Whereas less than 0.2 per cent of all green tea produced in Japan meets international organic standards, all Aiya certified-organic teas meet international organic standards, the company says. The venture will be a first for the 120-year-old Japanese company headquartered in Nishio, Japan.

FIMS selects Celadrin cream
The International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) has selected Celadrin Muscle & Joint Pain Relieving Cream by Proprietary Nutritionals Inc (PNI) as its official pain-relieving cream. FIMS provides medical care for the athletes of the summer and winter Olympic Games. PNI, a subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, markets the Celadrin cream, as well as other patented, scientifically proven, branded ingredients to the nutraceuticals industry.

Actifs Innovants changes name
The Actifs Innovants Division of Naturex has become NAT'?Life. Recently purchased by Naturex at the beginning of 2008, NAT'?Life brings a line of trademarked plant extracts backed by a special scientific, regulatory and technical support. At Vitafoods 2008, NAT'Life introduced Lifenol, a patented female hop-cone extract studied for its action on menopause-associated discomforts, especially hot flushes. The division is also known for its Svetol ingredient for weight management, Cyracos for relaxation, and Powergrape for performance and cellular vitality.

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