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Company news | February 2006

OatVantage wins award
Frost & Sullivan's recent strategic analysis of the US food fibre markets selected Nurture as the recipient of the 2005 Product Innovation Leadership of the Year Award. The award recognizes the company's timely introduction of OatVantage. OatVantage is the most highly concentrated oat beta-glucan product available. A 54 per cent beta-glucan oat bran concentrate, it is available commercially as a free-flowing opaque powder, appropriate for use in supplements, foods, dairy beverages and nutrition bars. It delivers more than 0.75g of beta-glucan in 1.4g of the product.

Promotions at Cognis
Paul Allen, a member of Cognis' Executive Committee and previously head of Cognis' Nutrition & Health strategic business unit, has taken over as group vice president of functional products. He replaced Guido Williams, who left the company in late 2005. Allen will remain president of Cognis Corp USA, based in Ohio. His successor as head of Nutrition & Health will be Stephane Baseden, who was vice president of the Health & Nutrition business unit in Europe. Baseden will continue in his role as legal representative of Cognis France and will be based near Paris.



Benefits of barley beta-glucan
Cargill has released initial results of the first double-blind study to determine the effects of extracted barley beta-glucan on cardiovascular disease biomarkers. The study abstract, to be published in an upcoming issue of Circulation, shows that Cargill's Barlív barley beta-glucan concentrate improves CVD risk factors and other biomarkers in a population of generally healthy hypercholesterolemic men and women. Barlív is a concentrated soluble fibre derived from barley, and the data shows it has cholesterol-lowering properties similar to oats. In addition, one study suggests benefits beyond cholesterol reduction, including improved glycaemic control, particularly among individuals with metabolic syndrome.





NutriCranGI relaunched
In light of the recent Nobel Prize award to two Australian scientists who discovered a bacterium that causes stomach inflammation, ulcers and cancer, Decas Botanical Synergies is reintroducing its NutriCranGI, a synergistic fruit powder blend for supporting gastrointestinal health, which has been shown to inhibit Helicobacter pylori bacteria. A published laboratory study determined that NutriCranGI is significantly more potent in inhibiting H pylori bacteria in vitro when compared to single antimicrobial compounds. These data support the likelihood that NutriCranGI may be more effective in managing H pylori infections in humans (Vattem et al. 2004 Process Biochemistry), the company says.



Bioiberica promotes gait study
Initial results from the largest US study ever conducted on arthritis — the National Institute of Health's GAIT study — show that the combination of CS b Bio-Active (chondroitin sulfate made by Bioiberica) and glucosamine is effective in treating moderate to severe knee pain. 1,258 osteoarthritis patients completed the double-blind, placebo-controlled study. They were divided into five groups: 1,200mg of chondroitin sulfate daily, 1,500mg of glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate plus glucosamine (C/G), a standard pain medication called Celecoxib, or a placebo.
The C/G combo significantly reduced pain compared to placebo and outperformed Celecoxib among patients with the severest pain. The study was scheduled to appear in the New England Journal of Medicine in December.

Cranberry seed oil expansion
Decas Botanical Synergies has expanded production capacity for OmegaCran, a 100 per cent natural cranberry seed oil. OmegaCran is a clear golden oil that delivers a pleasant butter flavour with a light fruit overtone, its maker says. Ideal for food applications, cosmetics or as a supplement, OmegaCran is a good source of antioxidants and vitamin E, and contains high-levels of omega-3s and omega-6s. OmegaCran also has the lowest level of saturated fat of the most commonly used oils, Decas says.



Flax Lignan Association
A new trade association has formed to support the science and safety behind standardised flax lignan ingredients. The Flax Lignan Association was founded by Acatris Inc and Archer Daniels Midland Co. Membership will be open to other qualifed manufacturers as well. For more details, contact: +1 312 902 5487.



New hires at Bioriginal
Bioriginal Food & Science Corp is expanding its senior staffing. Jim Nugent is the new director of product development. Previously, he worked at Banner Pharmacaps. Greg Withers is the new director of regulatory affairs/quality systems. He has worked at Web Pack International and CIBA Vision Sterile Manufacturing. Joop van Wanrooij joins the team as area sales manager for Asia. Previously, he worked with Kerry Ingredients, Danisco, DSM and Quest International. Martin Hettema has been appointed area development manager for Bioriginal Europe/Asia. He previously was sales manager for Bioriginal Asia and Jan Dekker International BV.

Carnisol gains US patent
Soft Gel Technologies was granted trademark registration for Carnisol by the US Patent & Trademark Office. Carnisol is the only dietary supplement containing L-Carnipure micronised L-carnitine L-tartrate in a special fatty acid base available in easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules for superior absorption. L-Carnipure is Lonza's 100 per cent guaranteed pure, natural L-carnitine, and does not contain the harmful D-isomer. L-carnitine is a vital compound whose basic function is helping to convert fat into energy, the company reports.

Metafolin deemed safe
Merck Eprova AG announced today that Metafolin, its new patented form of folate, has been approved as a safe alternative to folic acid for use in dietary supplements, foods for special dietary uses and other foods by the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. Metafolin (the calcium salt of L-5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid or, for short, L-methylfolate) belongs to the group of folate vitamins (B9, folic acid) that the human body must obtain from dietary sources.

Devansoy names vice president
Iowa-based ingredients supplier Devansoy has named Tom Woodward as its vice president of business development. He most recently was a director of global sales for Tetra Pak, an international packaging firm. He also served as president of the Soyfood Association of North America and was a board member of the Soy Forum, Southeast Asia. Devansoy is maker of the Benesoy ingredients line, which includes liquid soy proteins, soy protein powders and soy flours.

Glanbia hires 3 to sales team
Glanbia Nutritionals has named three new people to its North American sales and marketing team. Jim Lees, vice president of sales, will be based at Glanbia's headquarters in Wisconsin. He most recently worked at Purac America as its national sales manager. Billie Tessendorf has been named technical sales manager, and manages several states in the Midwest and southwest. Max Maxwell will drive new business opportunities in the nutritional beverage and bar segments as business development manager.



Nordic Naturals adviser
Joseph Maroon, MD, a board-certified neurosurgeon, has been appointed the new medical adviser for Nordic Naturals in California. Named one of 'America's Best Neurosurgeons' for eight consecutive years in America's Best Doctors, Maroon currently practices at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Last year, he presented his study on the impact of omega-3s on spine pain at the American Association of Neurological Surgeons' annual conference.





VDF opens in the Baltic
VDF Europe, a wholly owned subsidiary of Van Drunen Farms-USA, has opened a facility in the Baltic, near the southern border of Hungary. The Serbia and Baltic regions are known for their bountiful supply of berries, as well as peas, corn and a variety of other vegetables. Van Drunen Farms is one of the world's largest freeze-dried, drum-dried and IQF fruit and vegetable manufacturers, and the new facility is ISO 9001:2001, HACCP and organically certified.



A&B picks sales manager
Rice-starch supplier A&B Ingredients in New Jersey has appointed Kiran Krishnan as Midwest regional sales manager. Previously, he worked as a national sales and marketing rep for Amano Enzyme USA. Krishnan earned a bachelor's degree in microbiology from the University of Iowa.

Scientist joins AIBMR
Washington-based AIBMR Life Sciences, a natural and medicinal products research institute, has named Anna K Gawlicka, PhD, senior research scientist. Dr Gawlicka will head up nutraceuticals research, preclinical and clinical trials management, and toxicology studies. Dr Gawlicka has extensive background in animal digestive physiology and nutrition, epidemiology and nutritional product formulation. Her recent research interests have been on bioactive compounds of plants; disease prevention; digestive physiology; structure and function of the digestive system; and ontogenetic, dietary and phylogenetic effects on activity and gene expression of digestive enzymes.



Carbery adopts 'Synergy'
Synergy is the new name for Carbery's international flavours and ingredients business. The company's product portfolio includes dry blend sauce mixes, bouillons, gravies, seasonings, fillings, and yeast extracts and compounds. The creation of Synergy came about in October with the joining of Synergy Flavours, Customblend Ingredients, US Flavors & Fragrances and Carbery Savoury Food Ingredients. It is a member of Carbery, which is headquartered in southern Ireland.



Wholly Wholesome
The Wholly Healthy brand of American baked goods has changed its name to Wholly Wholesome. The new name, the company feels, better reflects the company's mission of providing tasty indulgence foods with natural ingredients and without trans fats, without getting into subjective issues of what constitutes 'healthy.' The New Jersey company has also added a 'dairy-free' logo to its products made without milk, eggs or butter.

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