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Company news | December 2005

Frutarom expands in East Asia
Frutarom Industries? subsidiary, Frutarom (UK) Ltd, has opened a sales office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Frutarom continued to grow during the first quarter of 2005 for the 22nd consecutive quarter. Sales grew 47.3 per cent compared with the same quarter in 2004, reaching $64.7 million. Net profit totalled $7.1 million, growing 66.2 per cent compared to the same quarter last year.

Sales director at Lesser Evil
Lesser Evil Snack Co has hired Sallie Bowling to run its East Coast sales.?Prior to joining the Lesser Evil staff, Bowling served as division sales manager at Reily Foods Co and national sales manager at No Pudge! Foods. She has 25 years of sales, marketing and management accomplishments in competitive industries, and 14 years of experience in the natural and speciality food industry.



New cardinal sales managers
Cardinal Nutrition has hired Dennis H Walker to manage sales in the western US. Based in Utah, Walker has 25 years of sales, marketing and management experience, including 17 years at a top US pharmaceutical firm. Cardinal Nutrition also has reassigned the central US territory to Brian Peotter. The company operates the world?s only facility solely dedicated to production of methylsulfonylmethane, sold under its branded OptiMSM name.



Pact expands soy in China
The Solae Co has expanded its partnership with Henan Luohe Shineway Industry Group, China?s largest meat processing company, to build and operate an isolated soy protein manufacturing facility in China. Shineway II will enable Henan Luohe Shineway to expand its local manufacturing base and offset shipping costs.

Sales exec at GCI Nutrients
GCI Nutrients Worldwide, a nutraceutical ingredients supplier and subsidiary of Greater Continents Worldwide, has hired Sumant Kapoor as vice president of sales and marketing. For nine years, he was export manager for Sanat Products Ltd. Kapoor is operating out of the company?s new office in New Delhi and can be reached at +91 124 5060621/5067535, or [email protected]

New name for AstaREAL maker
FCI Health Science, a North and South American subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Industry in Japan, has changed names to Fuji Health Science. The company is best known for its AstaREAL brand of natural astaxanthin from the single cell green microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis. Astaxanthin, an antioxidant, is known to be 50 times more effective than vitamin E at quenching singlet oxygen and 10 times more effective than other carotenoids at inhibiting lipid peroxidation.

Artemis sells colours division
In a move toward expanding its colour solutions, D.D. Williamson has acquired the natural colours business from Artemis International. D.D. Williamson is the world?s largest and oldest manufacturer of caramel colour. The acquisition complements D.D. Williamson?s existing colorMaker natural colour line, which specializes in natural colour blends.

Measuring anthocyanins
Indena has developed and validated an HPLC method that allows the identification and the direct quantification of all the bilberry anthocyanins in plant materials and in extracts. Recently introduced into the Italian Pharmacopoeia, this new method overcomes all of the existing analytical challenges to accurately obtaining these kinds of measurements, the company reports.

?Superior? palm oil plant
Loders Croklaan?s North American plant has earned a ?superior? rating in a food safety audit by the American Institute of Baking. It is the highest rating the company has earned. Loders Croklaan refines and distributes palm oil, an extract from the fruit of palm trees that is semi-solid at room temperature, making it ideal for baking and processed foods.

Acatris partners with ADM
ADM, manufacturer of Novasoy brand soy isoflavones, has signed a licensing agreement with Acatris for the sale and marketing of soy germ-based isoflavones. As a result, Acatris and its customers will have access to soy germ isoflavone patent rights required to market and sell supplements carrying certain women?s health claims.

Director of business development hired for New Hope Supply
New Hope Natural Media has hired Jennifer Higgins, director of business development, who will be responsible for creating new marketing opportunities for Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals magazine, Nutracon and the Healthy Foods Conference, as well as the fast-growing Supply Expo trade show. She also will be responsible for developing new marketing strategies for New Hope?s online supply platform and the new webcast educational forum. Higgins is involved with industry trade associations and is currently on the board of directors for The American Herbal Products Association. She has 15 years? experience in the marketing and sales of botanical ingredients, most recently at Draco Natural Products, where she was vice president of marketing and sales.



Companies Aid Angel Alliance
Hero Nutritional Products dedicated two days of production of the company?s Yummi Bears gummy multivitamins to donate to the Vitamin Angel Alliance?s Hurricane Katrina relief effort. And Twinlab contributed nearly 95,000 supplements, including vitamin C, echinacea and its Immunity Booster speciality supplement. The Vitamin Angel Alliance is a nonprofit organisation designed to fight children?s malnutrition by providing nutritional supplements to poverty- and disaster-stricken communities. For information on donating, visit





Study shows Tocomin benefits
Carotech has published its NIH-funded study that confirms earlier studies suggesting its Tocomin natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex may significantly benefit stroke-induced neurodegeneration. Published in the October issue of the American Heart Association?s journal Stroke, Tocomin showed significant protection against stroke-induced injury compared with matched controls. Carotech, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carotech Bhd, Malaysia, is the world?s largest producer of tocotrienol.



UroLogic put to the test
Australia-based BioLogic Health Solutions has announced the results of recent laboratory testing that revealed that the company?s branded urinary incontinence ingredient, UroLogic, has broad antioxidant properties. UroLogic underwent Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC), Hydroxyl Radical Scavenging Ability (HORAC) and Peroxynitrite Radical Scavenging Ability (NORAC) testing, which indicated high antioxidant activity, and further in-vitro studies demonstrated it had a substantial inhibitory effect on the Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) formation in human neutrophil cells, the company reports.

CoroWise wins NBJ award
Cargill has received the 2004 Nutrition Business Journal Product Merit Award for its CoroWise Naturally Sourced Cholesterol Reducer brand of plant sterols. CoroWise earned the distinction because it was the foundation for the launches of several recent, high-profile, mainstream functional foods products, including Nature Valley Healthy Heart Chewy granola bars.

Phase 2 product manager
Kaare Axelsen managing director of Acceptus Ingredients and Blends Limited, has been appointed product manager for Phase 2 Starch Neutralizer, which is used in a variety of weight loss products sold in the UK. In his efforts to expand the ingredients range throughout Europe, Axelsen will work directly with other appointed distributors, including: Gee Lawson in UK, Ireland, Belgium, France and Germany; Naturkost in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland; and Sochim International in Italy.



Fortitech managing director
Fortitech Europe ApS, has appointed Peter Sorensen as its managing director. Sorensen will be responsible for managing all aspects of Fortitech Europe?s operations including manufacturing, technical, purchasing, finance and sales. With more than 20 years of experience, he most recently served as managing director of the industrial adhesives sector of Akzo Nobel Group based in the Netherlands. Sorensen has worked in several multinational corporations based in Denmark, and as an expatriate in the United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Italy and Egypt.



Olibra distribution compact
Sweden-based LTP Lipid Technologies Provider has signed a distribution agreement with Physcience Laboratory in France, giving Physcience the exclusive rights to market LTP?s satiety ingredient Olibra as a single dose mini-shot in France and Belgium. Olibra, which addresses weight management, is derived from palm oil and oat oil. When applied as a food ingredient, the product has a scientifically substantiated effect of prolonging the feeling of fullness, resulting in significant reductions in energy intake at subsequent meals, its maker says.

Firms unite in relief effort
Employees of Botanical Laboratories worked with two relief agencies to provide dietary supplements to Hurricane Katrina survivors. The company specially produced 100,000 bottles of Enriched Water with Vitamins through a cooperative effort with Childcare International. The Universal Aid Society in Canada transported the water to the affected areas. Other companies that donated toward this effort include: Richmark Labels, labels; Anderson Paper & Packaging, shipping materials; Box Maker, shipping materials; Copac, storage space; and Mission Flavors, flavourings.

Lyc-O-Mato wins FDA approval
Lyc-O-Mato Powder by LycoRed Natural Products Industries has been deemed safe for functional foods use by the Food and Drug Administration. Lyc-O-Mato was developed especially for the fortification of foods with lycopene, and is higher in lycopene and lower in sugar than any other tomato powder, its maker says. Lyc-O-Mato Powder can also be used as a natural red colourant in a variety of foods such as soy meat substitute products, pasta, cereals and smoothie drinks.

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