Company Sets New Gold Standard in Research & Development of Herbal Remedies

Natural Factors urges other companies to follow suit

VANCOUVER, B.C. – Natural Factors has set a new benchmark in the research and testing of its Echinacea-based product, Echinamide®. Over the past two years, the Company conducted two separate clinical trials into the efficacy of its fresh herb extract.

Research protocols, such as clinical trials, have been used in the pharmaceutical industry for many years to develop and test new drugs. Introducing this costly clinical trial approach is a new development in the area of botanical and herbal research and for the science team at Natural Factors, there were some revelations. Researchers found that applying the pharmaceutical model to herbs was not quite as straight-forward as many would think.

Dr. Michael Lyon, Medical & Research Director of the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine and co-director of human clinical studies for Natural Factors said, “Each drug is normally made up of one active ingredient or chemical compound. But the research team at Natural Factors identified hundreds of chemical compounds within the Echinacea plant.”

“We worked hard to identify the primary immune stimulating compounds amongst the hundreds of possibilities. We identified the three main active compounds in the Echinacea plant, not just the usual one. Our research suggests that these three compounds may have synergistic effects, which means the result is greater than the individual effect of each compound,” said Dr. Lyon.

Next, the researchers standardized these compounds so that their level of effectiveness could be guaranteed from batch-to-batch. As a result, Echinamide has repeatedly shown its effectiveness in different research models and different studies.

Dr. Lyon said, “There are many Echinacea products on store shelves but they lack standardization and consistency of product. This is the main reason why research results on the efficacy of Echinacea have been so inconsistent.”

The Natural Factors research team was able to show through the results of their clinical trials that there is obvious value in the healing power of nature and they have discovered the first step in unlocking this power.

Natural Factors Nutritional Products Ltd. is a North American leader in the health products industry. The 50-year old, fully integrated Company offers a full range of vitamins, minerals, specialty supplements and functional foods to consumers around the world. The Company is dedicated to researching and manufacturing evidence-based nutraceuticals and in ensuring the highest quality product. With over one half million square feet of product, research and laboratory facilities, the Company’s national head office in Coquitlam includes state of the art manufacturing facilities. It also has offices in Burnaby, Kelowna, Toronto and Everett, Washington.


Kate Jobling, Media & Public Relations
Direct: 604-415-4181
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