Concern Over Mad Cow Disease: Gardenburger CEO Releases Statement

Irvine, CA. (December 26, 2003)-- The following is a statement by Scott Wallace, CEO of Gardenburger Authentic Foods, Inc., issued in reaction to the nation’s first confirmed case of Mad Cow disease in the state of Washington.

“Food safety has always been of paramount importance to Gardenburger. Accordingly, we are concerned by USDA’s efforts to convince U.S. consumers that it has a sound meat safety program while announcing the first confirmed U.S. case of Mad Cow disease. In fact, USDA is not able to produce documentation of the Mad Cow testing done in the last two years according to UPI. Clearly, it appears that USDA has much more work to do before it can claim its meat safety program is adequate.”

Food-borne illness is one of the reasons more than 22 million Americans regularly seek meat alternatives. A meatless diet is the most effective way to prevent food-borne illnesses like Mad Cow disease.

For those who are concerned about the safety of their food there are a multitude of meat-free options, including those provided by Gardenburger, available in today’s marketplace.”

Kristen Siefkin
Gardenburger Inc.
Telephone: 503-407-1221

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