Consumer Research Alert: U.S. Health & Wellness Gain Momentum

Harleysville, Pa. (December 4, 2002) -- Based on a recent survey of 1,068 Americans, conducted during October 2002 by The Natural Marketing Institute (NMI), 55% of all consumers state they care more about personal health and wellness then they did a year ago, (with less than 2% stating they care less.) Among those that are more concerned about health and wellness, 76% state that food safety concerns have had an effect, 66% state the impact of personal health issues, and 43% state the effect of September 11th as playing a role in their increased health and wellness needs.

In addition, with more than 40% of all Americans stating they have “increased the amount of time they spend with family,” NMI’s general population survey also shows specific positive trends and opportunities that will impact the health and wellness industry, including:

Ø 42% say they have increased need for vitamins, minerals, and supplements

Ø 33% state they have increased interest in environmentally-friendly products

Ø 56% say they have the need for a more balanced lifestyle

Ø 37% state they have increased desire for relaxation products and services

Ø 24% state they have increased desire for organic products

The increased need for health and wellness --- including organic, environmentally-friendly, and relaxation products --- is clear. As over 50% of Americans increase their focus on health and wellness, significant opportunities exist for the development of relevant and meaningful products and services to meet these compelling consumer needs.

In addition, the economic, social, and security issues Americans are facing also lead to other specific product opportunities. With 39% of all U.S. consumers stating they have gained weight, 37% stating they are more stressed and anxious, and 27% stating increased needs for prescription medications, the demand for these growing products will continue to gain momentum.

“There has been a renewed sense of consumer health and wellness urgency,” states Steve French, NMI Managing Partner. Furthermore, Mr. French states that, “combined with the complex array of consumer behavior, the need for products and services that solve specific problems will continue to escalate. Therefore, understanding marketplace shifts is vital to recognizing the true impact of health and wellness as it relates to today’s current events.”

The data from the survey of 1,000+ U.S. households was generated by NMI's newest consumer research vehicle, HealthBeat Interactive (HBI) --- based on a strategic alliance with Harris Interactive. To learn more about how you can customize your own proprietary questions (for a fraction of the cost of traditional consumer research methodologies), please contact Steve French, NMI Managing Partner, at 215-713-5300 (ext. 214) or via e-mail to [email protected].

HealthBeat Interactive (HBI) allows organizations to capture consumer opinions and attitudes regarding specific proprietary products, brands, new product concepts, and other vital measures across any topic of their choice. HBI is the perfect tool for tracking and measuring key factors such as consumer awareness, sources of influence, consumer attitudes, usage patterns, drivers of behavior, effects of advertising, and much more. Check out for more information.

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