Consumers Overwhelmingly PreferOat-Based Ingredients for Cholesterol Reduction

NMI Study Shows Consumers Who Are Managing High Cholesterol Also Prefer the FDA-Permitted Health Claim for Oat Bran

Devon, PA, July 20, 2004 – A new research report prepared by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) shows that for cholesterol reduction, oat-based ingredients are the #1 nutritional choice of consumers managing high or borderline-high cholesterol. This is a consumer base comprised of more than 65 million U.S. households. Sixty-three percent (63%) of those managing their cholesterol select oat-based ingredients as their top choice for cholesterol reduction, while only 26% choose omega-3 ingredients, 37% soy and only 4% plant sterols.

This research was executed for Nurture, Inc. through Harris Interactive® as part of NMI’s quantitative omnibus research study, HealthBeat**. Nurture is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of OatVantage™, a clinically-proven heart health ingredient supported by an FDA-approved health claim. OatVantage is an all-natural, highly concentrated oat bran ingredient, providing ten times the cholesterol-lowering soluble fiber found in oats.

Health Claim is Preferred Over the Model Structure-Function Claim
NMI research found that consumers who are managing high cholesterol overwhelmingly prefer the FDA-permitted health claim, “Helps Lower Cholesterol,” over the model structure-function claim, “Helps Maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels.” Sixty-nine percent (69%) of respondents preferred the health claim, versus just 15% who preferred the structure-function claim. “This is significant for food, beverage and dietary supplement manufacturers who want to increase sales by using a more consumer-desired claim on the product label,” points out Griff Parker, Nurture CEO. “With 100 million Americans having elevated cholesterol, there is a strong base of consumers looking for heart-healthy messages on product labels. And as a highly concentrated oat bran product, just 1.4g of OatVantage qualifies for use of the health claim on the label.”

Consumers Want Products That Offer Multiple Health Benefits
“The majority of consumers with high cholesterol are overweight and hypertensive, and over 40% are managing their blood sugar. These are all cardiovascular disease risk factors,” explains Gregory Stephens, RD, Nurture Vice President, Sales & Marketing. NMI found that the majority of consumers managing their cholesterol are “very interested” in a product that will also help them manage blood glucose and weight. “We see this as an important learning for formulators of new products. With ingredients such as OatVantage, multiple health benefits can easily be offered to a very receptive consumer audience. In addition to cholesterol-lowering benefits, OatVantage helps manage blood glucose levels and increases satiety.”

At 54% beta-glucan (the “active” compound in oat bran), OatVantage offers the highest concentrated oat bran ingredient available commercially. OatVantage is made from non-GMO oats grown in North America. It is non-allergenic, appropriate for strict vegetarians and certified Kosher. OatVantage is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) and is manufactured under strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.

Nurture, Inc.
Nurture, Inc., headquartered in Devon, PA, is a privately held company, which was incorporated in 1992 to focus on developing proprietary extraction technologies for oat grains. In 2002, Nurture began to commercialize its research technologies to provide value-added human nutrition and personal care products derived from oats. Its patented ingredients are used in a variety of applications in cardiovascular health, glucose management, weight management and personal care. Products include oat bran concentrate, oat oil, oat starch and oat protein. Websites: and

For more information about OatVantage, contact Gregory J. Stephens, RD, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Nurture, Inc., 28 S. Waterloo Rd., Suite 100, Devon, PA, 19333. Phone #610-989-0945, email: [email protected].

**Research was executed April 2004 through Harris Interactive® from Natural Marketing Institute’s qualitative omnibus research study (HealthBeat). The sample was greater than 1,000 U.S. general population households, nationally projectable and statistically significant at the 95% confidence level to within +/-3%.

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