Contract Manufacturer Nutritional Laboratories International (NLI) Announces Relocation, Same Attention to Quality

MISSOULA, MONTANA - Nutritional Laboratories International (NLI) has relocated to Missoula, Montana. The new 50,000 square-foot, FDA-registered, premium contract manufacturing facility stands as a symbol of NLI’s commitment to quality.

The relocation was the result of continued annual growth. The move is also a response to the industry’s demand for a higher level of quality manufacturing and laboratory services support. The new facility boasts three times more laboratory space and increased manufacturing and packaging capabilities—the ability to produce and package four times the number of capsules and tablets processed at the previous address.

“We designed the new facility to showcase NLI’s on-going commitment to quality,” said Ned Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Indeed, quality is evident throughout the new facility—from the inviting reception area and work-friendly office spaces to the larger, tightly controlled manufacturing, laboratory and warehouse areas.

Quality product begins in a manufacturing area designed to optimize the flow of materials by minimizing handling. NLI’s improved floor plan means efficient order processing, reduced operating costs, and more competitive product pricing.

“Our operation is all about adding value to our customers’ product outsourcing requirements,” says Becker. It is these customer-oriented efforts that have earned NLI a reputation for having the most cost-effective contract manufacturing services in the industry for the combination of services provided.

That reputation for value-added services is important, but only if that value does not take away from the emphasis on product quality. NLI has literally built quality assurance into the manufacturing process design. Additional segregation and inspection points at the new facility mean increased data collection and analysis opportunities such as Statistical Process Control (SPC), a key component of NLI’s sophisticated Quality Assurance system.

Beyond increased quality and volume output, the new building allows NLI to expand its scope in terms of types of products produced. NLI will continue to offer the same exceptional customer service for marketers of dietary supplements, while also gearing up to produce pharmaceuticals.

Terry Benishek, NLI President, offered, “I see this building as a major step for NLI toward pharmaceutical standards. We will have the laboratory and manufacturing space necessary to execute our processes for higher throughput, better accuracy and better control. Added equipment and space will allow us to increase our batch sizes dramatically, which is going to be very important to the documentation of pharmaceutical products.”

Benishek emphasized the cost-effectiveness of the new facility. Though the facility is sophisticated and moving towards pharmaceutical, it is designed in such a way as to keep costs down, allowing NLI customers to maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace.

NLI maintains its competitiveness among other contract manufacturers by employing quality employees. NLI is one of the area’s largest employers and boasts an extremely low employee turnover rate. The company recruits its well-educated workforce locally and is able to attract and hire national and international talent due to the presence of the University of Montana, the town’s inviting locale, and reputation for quality of life. In fact, Missoula was recently rated one of the “Six Best Places to Live in the U.S.” by Money magazine.

Witness first-hand NLI’s efforts to enhance consumer value in the field of health and wellness through superior quality manufacturing processes, laboratory support and customer services. Visit Missoula, and tour NLI’s new facility. For more information, call (406) 273-5493. Ask for Ned Becker, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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