Cool® Trademark Received Heightens Interest in Bahama Organics during Merger negotiations. What’s Cool® at Bahama Organics!

Bahama Organics Inc. the first 100% Certified Organic GMO Free line of Pepper Sauces under the NOT COOL® mark receives registered trademark on COOL®. NOT COOL® Pepper Sauces and COOL® “Condiments with a conscience”

Bahama Organics Inc. has received registered trademark for COOL® from the United States trademark office. “The COOL® mark rounds out our capacity to effectively line extend our products into areas other than the Pepper sauce and the Fiery Foods segment”, says Jeff Ensminger, Executive Chef and CEO of Bahama Organics. The COOL® mark will fortify the current lines and has exceptional marketing potential. The line extension under the new COOL® mark will be 100% Certified Organic and GMO Free. “We consider this mark to be very serious inventory that strengthens the negotiations currently taking place”, Ensminger says. Bahama cannot disclose the potential suitors at this time other than to say, “There are several exciting corporations, two are in the Organic and Natural market and three that are not. We would strengthen our organic suitors with quality, niche, 100% certified organic products, GMO Free status and great marks. What we bring to the table with the non-organic companies is the same high quality and instant access to the organic arena. Either way, all are prestigious companies that would complete branding strategy for Bahama on a national level and we are proud that they are showing this level of interest”, says Ensminger. Bahama’s corporate philosophy to use only 100% Certified Organic & GMO Free ingredients in their products assures that only the healthiest, pesticide free crops and products will be used. Reference: ( Web Site.

The NOT COOL® & COOL® lines of sauces and Condiments and the company, Bahama Organics Inc., are Oregon Tilth Certified Organic in the United States, UK4 and Organic Food Federation Certified in the United Kingdom as well as IFOAM Accredited for Importation of GMO Free and Organic products into the European Union & instantly recognized worldwide. Bahama Organics Inc. is a member of the Organic Trade Association. 

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