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Cooper Complete offers skin health supplement

Cooper Complete developed a supplement called Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health that relies on the latest research to deliver proper nutrients. Cooper's Dermatologic Health can be taken in addition to a multivitamin to give hair, skin, and nails lost health and verve.

You exercise faithfully, eat well, and take a multivitamin every day but a glance in the mirror shows your face has lost its youthful bloom. Your hair looks dull and lifeless lately, and you've noticed your nails are a bit brittle these days.

"When your appearance lacks vitality, it's probably because the stresses of modern life, sun exposure, and pollutants have taken their toll," says Todd Whitthorne, president and CEO of Cooper Concepts in Dallas.

Cooper Complete, a division of Cooper Concepts, developed a supplement called Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health that relies on the latest research to deliver proper nutrients in the right dose to achieve results, Whitthorne says. Cooper's Dermatologic Health can be taken in addition to a multivitamin to give hair, skin, and nails lost health and verve. "Our customers rave about the supplement, and it's not unusual for them to report visible improvements within 60 to 90 days," he says.

Skin is the body's largest organ and it, along with the eyes, is constantly assaulted by household and outdoor pollutants and sunlight. Almost non-stop exposure to one or several of these elements creates cell-damaging free radicals. To fend off that relentless assault, defenses beyond sunscreen and lotions are needed, says Dr. Adean Kingston, board-certified dermatologist at Cooper Clinic.

Cooper's Dermatologic Health supplement provides an array of nutrients that your skin, hair, and nails will welcome. Vitamin A—in the form of natural beta carotene with mixed carotenoids—and zinc are included to improve your complexion. Both nutrients counter facial oil and acne and its lesions.

Lutein is included in the formula for skin health. Lutein filters high-energy, blue light that can damage skin cells, and protects the skin by attacking free radicals. Lutein is an antioxidant found in spinach, kale, collard greens and other vegetables. Lutein also supports eye and cardiovascular health.

Results of a 2007 study published in the "Skin Pharmacology and Physiology" journal showed that 10 milligrams of lutein can improve skin hydration and elasticity and enhance the skin's photo-protective activity. Data indicate that lutein inhibits skin reactions to ultraviolet light and prevents UVB-induced skin cancer.

"We use patented FloraGLO lutein—the most bioavailable form—in our Dermatologic Health supplement," Whitthorne says. "And as far as I know, the 10 mgs we include are not found in similar products from other companies."

Copper, essential to enzyme reactions, is part of the supplement's formula to increase elastin production and reduce the appearance of stretch marks, lax skin and wrinkles, Dr. Kingston says. Copper combats psoriasis and other skin conditions. Biotin, a member of the B Complex and essential to skin, hair, and nail rejuvenation, is also in the formula.

Vitamins C and E are included in Cooper's Dermatologic Health supplement as potent anti-oxidants, countering the effects of sun exposure by scavenging for free radicals. Studies have shown that when Vitamins A and E are taken together, the risks of basal cell carcinoma—a common, sun-induced skin cancer—are reduced. Selenium is included to protect skin from sun damage and lower the risk of skin cancer.

An antioxidant called polypodium leucotomas, derived from a tropical plant in South and Central America, is included in the supplement, too, to protect against ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Polypodium leucotomas is often marketed as heiliocare. Native Americans used the plant's extract to treat inflammatory disorders and skin diseases. Dr. Kingston says polypodium leucotomas is beneficial for dermatitis and psoriasis, and it lowers the risk of skin cancer.

Horsetail extract, included in the supplement's formula, is a living fossil that contains high levels of the element silicon, found to be effective in hair growth. Cooper's Dermatologic Health also contains biotin and zinc to promote healthy hair. Biotin and horsetail extract are often used to help brittle fingernails—a condition affecting 20 percent of Americans. Brittle nails can be caused by a lack of nutrients, an underlying health condition and other factors like repeated washing of hands.

Cooper's Dermatologic Health contains no sugar, yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk or dairy products, corn, sodium, starch, artificial colorings, preservatives or flavoring.

"Try our Dermatologic Health supplement as a first defense against free radicals, sunshine and air pollutants," Whitthorne says. "And watch an earlier glow return to your face, life and luster return to your hair and strength to your nails."

For more information online, see To order Cooper Complete Dermatologic Health by phone, call Cooper Complete at 877-2-HEALTH or 888-393-2221. Customers in Dallas can call 972-560-2702.


Cooper Concepts, Inc. oversees Cooper Complete nutritional supplements from creation to distribution. Dr. Kenneth Cooper, founder of the Cooper Clinic in Dallas, has long believed in supplementation, and introduced his own line of multivitamins and supplements to consumers in 1998. Today, Cooper Complete is sold in retail stores across the nation and also online.

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