Court Vacates Judgment Against Ultimate Nutrition In The Matter of Kicker Vencill vs. Ultimate Nutrition

(FARMINGTON, CT) – The Superior Court of the State of California in Orange County granted the request of Ultimate Nutrition to vacate the judgment against the company, according to Todd Croutch, attorney with Fonda & Fraser in Los Angeles.

Ultimate Nutrition, the manufacturer of quality sports nutrition products, was recently engaged in a lawsuit filed by amateur swimmer Kicker Vencill claiming the company’s multi-vitamin, Super Complete, were contaminated and caused his urine to test positive for the substance,19-norandrosterone at 4 ng/mL., which is a banned substance for high level competitive swimmers. Vencill's positive urine test resulted in a two-year ban from amateur swimming competition, including the U.S. Olympic Trials.

Ultimate Nutrition's request to vacate the judgment argued that the jury's findings were not supported by the evidence. After considering Ultimate Nutrition's request, the judge vacated the judgment in its entirety. According to Croutch, a mutually agreeable resolution has been reached between Vencill and Ultimate Nutrition.

Prior to the original trial, Ultimate Nutrition hired the University of Southern California, the only university based USP certified laboratory in the country, to test Super Complete. Multiple tests were conducted under the supervision of Dr. Roger Clemens, Adjunct Professor, Molecular Pharmacology and Toxicology, and Director of Analytical Research and Services for the School of Pharmacy, on capsules from the same lot number as those purportedly taken by Vencill and from lot numbers before and after the one in question, which were obtained by Dr. Clemens on the open market and from Ultimate Nutrition. In addition, capsules were studied from the same bottle from which Vencill allegedly consumed contaminated capsules. All of the USC studies were negative for the alleged contaminants.

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements authored by Lyle MacWilliam, BSc, MSc, FP, conducted tests of 500 multivitamins and ranked Super Complete as the 10th best multi-vitamin in North America.

Ultimate Nutrition, established in 1979, has made a powerful corporate commitment to manufacturing excellence. Located in Farmington, CT, the company offers a full line of supplement products which include essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required for good health.

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