CPMA rewards industry leaders

CPMA rewards industry leaders

As part of its 87th annual Convention and Trade Show, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association bestowed awards on produce industry leaders and a community health outreach program.

As part of its 87th Annual Convention and Trade Show, the Canadian Produce Marketing  Association has bestowed awards on produce industry leaders and a community health outreach program.

The Produce News Fresh Health Award • Timiskaming Health Unit
The Timiskaming Health Unit is primarily located in New Liskeard, Ontario and works towards total wellness of the community, by promoting health and preventing illness. It also offers various programs and services in areas of health promotion, clinical and infectious diseases.

Timiskaming Health Unit’s Creating Healthy School Nutrition Environment in School Communities Program is about schools but integrates out into the community as part of a comprehensive health programming approach. CPMA’s Freggie Friday™ program has been introduced to support and enhance engagement with students and their families within the community. The Freggie Friday program has become an integral part of the Timiskaming Health Unit’s school and community outreach.

The Mary Fitzgerald Award • Anthony Bisogno
Anthony is a young produce professional that has demonstrated,  during his first five years with the Burnac Produce group of companies, a true passion for produce often found only among the most seasoned and senior statesmen of the industry. Anthony’s passion for produce can be partially attributed to being a second generation produce person.  His father, Vince Bisogno, has been in the industry for 44 years, and also works for the Burnac Produce group of companies. Anthony recently became a first time father to a baby boy, born at the end of 2011- and is learning to find balance between family and work.

Anthony participated in the 2011 Passion for Produce™ mentoring program and returned to Burnac with only positive feedback from the program. His dedication to his customers is paralleled by his dedication to suppliers. Anthony constantly strives to achieve a balanced result for all of his constituents and he will demand of himself more and more until he achieves the desired result that is beneficial to all.

The Packer’s Canadian Produce Person of the Year • Bernadette Hamel
Bernadette Hamel was born in Montreal Quebec as the youngest of eight children (seven girls). Having started as a young girl in her teens working on the farmers market at Marche Central, she has grown a love for the industry and a passion for produce. At 20 years old she was a co-owner of a fresh produce store.  For the past 28 years she has worked her way through the ranks of the produce division with Metro Inc. functioning in roles from junior buyer to now vice president, national procurement, produce.

She is an active member of the industry playing a role with regional and national associations. Bernadette has been a CPMA board member since 1998 and joined the CPMA executive team in 2009 working on a path to be only the second female chair of the CPMA in 87 years.

CPMA 2012/2013 Chair Jim DiMenna noted “Bernadette brings a strong-willed ‘can do’ attitude to everything she does. She is respectful and attentive to others and she displays outstanding management skills. Furthermore, she managed to carve out a spot for herself in a predominantly male milieu. “

Bernadette is a produce professional who gives a tremendous amount back to the industry - locally, regionally and nationally.


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