Cran-Max Outperforms in Preventing Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections

KEARNY, NJ, JUNE 8, 2007 - The results of a recent published clinical study show that patented Cran-Max(R) Cranberry Supplement is nearly twice as effective as a cranberry extract capsule in reducing the recurrence of lower urinary tract infections (UTIs). Over the study period, 10.8% of patients taking the Cran-Max supplement (brand name GynDelta®) suffered a recurrent UTI compared with 18.9% of patients taking the cranberry extract containing 36 mg of pro-anthocyanidins A (PAC), and 43.2% of patients taking placebo.

The randomized, double-blind study was conducted over a period of 45 days at the A. Fournier Institute in Paris. It included 120 female subjects who had experienced more than six lower UTIs during the last 12 months. Each subject was given a post-coital dose of either one Cran-Max/GynDelta capsule, one capsule of cranberry extract containing PAC, or one placebo capsule.

Published in the January 2007 edition of The Gynaecologist’s and Obstetrician’s Journal, Dr. Jean-Marc Bohbot detailed the study conclusions. “GynDelta proved its efficacy in the prevention of lower urinary tract infections after a single, post-coital dose with a greater level of statistical significance than cranberry containing 36 mg of PAC compared with placebo.”

According to Dr. Bohbot, “The results obtained with GynDelta highlight efficacy in the prevention of recurrent cystitis, both in the number of patients with recurring episodes of cystitis and in the length of time to onset of the first bout of recurrence.”

Side effects were seldom observed during the study. When observed, they were of a mild nature enabling those subjects affected to complete the study.

Cran-Max is made from the whole cranberry, making it powerful enough to provide relief with just one capsule per day. It is the only cranberry supplement made using the patented Bio-Shield® technology that protects the cranberry from destruction by gastric acid, so that it can be delivered to the gastrointestinal tract for maximum effect.
According to Dean Mosca, President of Proprietary Nutritionals, the company that markets Cran-Max, “Clinical trials have confirmed the role of the cranberry in the prevention of recurring UTIs. We’re pleased that these latest study results have shown the potency and unique ability of Cran-Max in fighting recurring infections, improving the quality of life for women who had previously experienced numerous episodes.”

Proprietary Nutritionals, Inc., subsidiary of Pharmachem Laboratories, Inc., Kearny, NJ, markets Cran-Max in conjunction with its marketing partner, Insure Your Health, LLC, Venice, FL. For further information, visit, or call 519/647-2071.

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