CreAgri Awarded Patent for Hydroxytryosol from Olives

CreAgri, Inc.® (, a vertically integrated functional ingredient manufacturer, hit a new corporate milestone with its announcement that the US Patent Office has granted it a fundamental patent on the manufacturing of hydroxytyrosol from the juice of olives. Officially issued on May 11, 2010, the patent broadly covers methods for hydroxytyrosol production, isolation and formulation.

“This patent (US Patent # 7,713,569), in addition to the 12 patents previously awarded to CreAgri® in the U.S. and internationally, reinforces the innovative and pivotal role CreAgri® plays in the industry as a leader in the discovery and development of hydroxytyrosol-based applications for the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage, personal care and agriculture industries,” stated Dr. Roberto Crea, CEO and President.

For 10 years, CreAgri® has been the research leader in providing consumers and industry with the highest quality olive polyphenol, demonstrated by independent laboratory analyses, to be the most potent antioxidant yet discovered. Its internationally acclaimed product HIDROX™ has been formulated for dietary supplements, functional food and beverages, personal care and agriculture applications, all which feature the anti-oxidant power of natural hydroxytyrosol – the bio-phenol with the highest free radical-scavenging activity of any known antioxidant.

Founded by Crea in 1998, CreAgri® is the first company in years to redefine practices and processes in the olive industry, by developing a proprietary two-step, sustainable manufacturing process called Integrale™. This process first removes the pits from the pulp of organic olives and separates the polyphenolic-rich water from extra virgin olive oil. Next, it processes the olive juice with citric acid (1%) to obtain the highest concentration of hydroxytyrosol and protect against phenolic oxidation, polymerization and microbial fermentation.

The Integrale™ process recovers the most important polyphenol antioxidants directly from the juice (vegetation water) of the olives. Nearly 50% of the olive’s volume consists of olive juice, more than double that of the olive oil, and it produces as much as 300 times the polyphenols of even the best extra virgin olive oil.

As the developer of patented, breakthrough technology, CreAgri® has become a world leading supplier of polyphenols from organic olives, a class of natural compounds endowed with potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity. Using the Integrale™ method, CreAgri® has developed the antioxidant formulation called HIDROX™, the active ingredient used in its Olivenol™ line of dietary supplements. HIDROX™ contains concentrated hydroxytyrosol, the olive polyphenol demonstrated by independent laboratory analyses to be the most potent antioxidant yet discovered.

“CreAgri’s® HIDROX™ is the only hydroxytyrosol formulation that is GRAS certified, completely natural from organic olives, and proven by several clinical studies throughout the world to be an effective and powerful anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune boosting ingredient,” noted CreAgri® Director of Business Development Mark P. Linder.

About CreAgri®
Committed to using sustainable and environmentally compatible technologies, processes and practices, CreAgri® supports human and animal health with the most bioavailable and nutrient-dense supplements, ingredients and products. One method CreAgri® uses to balance technology with nature is its use of organic olives only, grown on the company’s own 150 acre organic olive ranch, containing 7,000 mature trees. Olives are harvested within 24-48 hours and processed at its nearby manufacturing facility. CreAgri® is a member of the California Certified Organic Farmers, California Olive Oil Council, California Specialty Food Association and the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade. It is headquartered at

25565 Whitesell Street, Hayward, CA94545

HIDROX™ is CreAgri’s® trademarked hydroxytyrosol formulation, a powerful polyphenol scientifically recognized for its anti-oxidant properties and efficacy in hearth and joint health. It is available in two forms to fulfill different applications: HIDROX™ 6% Total Polyphenols (3% hydroxytyrosol) powder and HIDROX™ 0.5% Total Polyphenols liquid. All products are available in volumes ranging from kilograms to metric tons and may be ordered directly through CreAgri®.

For more information about CreAgri®, visit For media related inquiries, contact Renee Cooper at Christie Communications (805) 969-3744 or [email protected]
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