CreAgri, Sunsweet team up on beverage development

CreAgri, Sunsweet team up on beverage development

Beverages will contain HIDROX, CreAgri's hydroxytyrosol-rich ingredient from organic olives.

CreAgri Inc. announced that Sunsweet Growers Inc. has joined a venture to develop beverages that contain HIDROX, CreAgri's hydroxytyrosol-rich ingredient from organic olives. The alliance will leverage Sunsweet's strengths as a global leader in growing, packing and marketing pure foods and beverages from the earth.

"I'm delighted to be working with Sunsweet," said Roberto Crea, Ph.D., president and CEO of CreAgri, Inc. "They have excellent capabilities in formulating and bottling beverages, as well as the expertise needed to distribute, sell and market with excellence. Additionally, as a grower-owned co-op, they are well connected to the vital olive growing and processing partners who benefit immensely by turning a manufacturing byproduct into a new, high value-added source of revenue."

Dane Lance, COO of Sunsweet Growers Inc. stated, "We're excited to be part of this new venture. For nearly 100 years, Sunsweet has been proud to bring to market natural foods that truly can make a difference in people's health and wellness. We think being part of the effort to unleash the power of the olive complements wonderfully what we've been doing for so long with the power of the prune."

CreAgri Inc., the world leader in the production of olive polyphenols, first introduced the concept of pitted olives to the olive oil industry to improve the quality of table oil and at the same time to obtain fresh, pure olive juice. Olive juice, rich in hydroxytyrosol and healthy polyphenols, is the raw product CreAgri uses to produce its award winning HIDROX.

A healthy and safe food ingredient with a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory activity, HIDROX leverages the power of hydroxytyrosol to provide benefits to people who suffer inflammation-based conditions, and to bring the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean diet to consumers worldwide in convenient beverage formulations.

"Inflammation is the fundamental cause of today's most debilitating conditions. Researchers are just now starting to understand how it affects life functions, such cardiovascular, brain and mental function, and physical wellness, which have a profound impact on the quality of everybody's life, not only on those who suffer from acute disease," explained Dr. Crea.


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