Creative Edge Nutrition appoints interim CEO

Creative Edge Nutrition appoints interim CEO

Bill Chaaban will oversee expansion of Cenergy market shares through mergers and acquisitions and manage the manufacturing and distribution of multiple supplement lines.

Creative Edge Nutrition, Inc. ("Cenergy"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Laufer Bridge Enterprises, Inc. (Pink Sheets: LBGE), announced the appointment of Mr. Bill Chaaban as the new Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President. Keith Thomas, former CEO of Laufer Bridge Enterprises, Inc., will assume the position of President of Brand Development.

Mr. Bill Chaaban, JD, LLB, LLM, is a licensed attorney in the USA and Canada and has over twenty-five years of experience in marketing, brand development, manufacturing, wholesale and retail distribution both in the continental U.S. and internationally. He will oversee management in key management and regulatory areas relating to the business development, and expansion of Cenergy market shares through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, Mr. Chaaban will manage the manufacturing and distribution of multiple supplement product lines.

Mr. Chaaban is also the founder of Fitness One, a leading online retailer, and The Supplement Group, a global manufacturing company. His global strategic alliances and industry insight in the supplement industry will be paramount to expansion of the Cenergy brand and will be key in driving retail market expansion along with aggressive online marketing strategies.

Keith Thomas, President of Brand Development commented, "In this role with the company, I can focus on developing new and creative products, which is my strength and passion. I plan on focusing on educating the market on maximizing the use of current and future Brands."

Mr. Chaaban, President and CEO stated, "We are excited to bring together a team of experienced professionals in the supplement industry. My job is to focus on company operations and how to position the company for growth through organic growth of current products as well as through acquisitions.

"On the regulatory side, we are moving forward with all paperwork for a name change and all financial information have been updated, and Laufer Bridge Enterprise should be current on OTC Market within the coming week."


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