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Crisis Communications Webinar Features Industry Leaders

(Phoenix, AZ) March 15, 2007 – If the media accused you of selling contaminated or dangerous products, what would you do? If a top corporate executive was accused of committing a crime, what would you do? If you cannot immediately answer these questions, you are missing a key piece of effective corporate preparedness.

Crisis Management: The Most Important Plan to Have, but Hope You Never Need, a 90-minute webinar on Friday, March 30 at 2 p.m. EDT, will discuss how you can make sure you are prepared. Scheduled speakers include Sheldon Baker, senior partner, Baker Dillon Group and director of the Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry, Carl Reynolds, vice president, EAS Consulting Group, LLC, and Marc Ullman, partner, Ullman, Shapiro & Ullman.

“The dietary supplement and functional food industry presents no shortage of potential crises that could adversely affect your business,” says Baker, of the leading nutraceutical industry marketing and product branding firm. “The biggest threat is not being prepared,” notes Baker.

“When a crisis happens, it is critical to move quickly and effectively,” says Reynolds whose firm specializes in Food and Drug Administration regulatory matters.

“The time of the crisis is not the time to plan.”

Ullman, whose firm has counseled numerous clients regarding their crisis management programs says, “From quality issues to claims of illness or injury by customers to negative media attention, any number of things could go wrong. Each potential crisis that you may encounter requires a pre-planned strategy, including communication of the strategy to the rest of the team.”

Webinar cost information and registration is at

For more information contact:
Sheldon Baker, Baker Dillon Group
[email protected]

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