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Crystal-Free is Crystal Clear with New CoQsol-CF Translucent from Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.

Steve Holtby, President of Soft Gel Technologies, Inc., has announced the latest addition to the company’s CoQ10 soft gel line. CoQsol-CF (“crystal free”) Translucent is an alternate version of the CoQsol-CF formula – contained in an elegant translucent shell. CoQsol-CF Translucent contains CoQ10 and mixed tocopherols in a base of d-limonene, which solubilizes and decrstyallizes the CoQ10 crystals. It is available in 100-, 200-, 300- and 400-mg dosages.

“Our easy-to-swallow oval translucent soft gels give consumers the benefit of building brand trust,” says Holtby. ‘By being able to view the crystal-free contents of CoQsol-CF, they know the brand has nothing to hide.” Mr. Holtby continues, “And building trust is building loyalty.”

About the Formula
The typical production process of CoQ10 causes formation of crystals. CoQ10 crystals dissolve when mixed with certain solvents and melt when they are heated. CoQ10 will recrystallize upon cooling, which frequently creates larger crystals than the finely milled starting material. The problem is that the size of the crystals and degree of solubility of the resulting CoQ10 product decreases its bioavailability.

d-Limonene, a fruit peel extract, can be combined with CoQ10 without causing significant chemical interactions or degradation. This results in a completely solubilized CoQ10 that does not require heat or synthetic solvents – and this mixture fully resists recrystallization at ambient temperature ranges. By improving dissolution, the CoQ10 absorption is enhanced,

CoQsol-CF is a patent-pending formula of CoQ10, tocopherol and d-Limonene. Tocopherols enhance the biological function of CoQ10, which in turn helps maintain the antioxidant state of Vitamin E. Food-grade d-Limonene acts as a non-polar organic solvent. This combination is a liquid, crystal-free CoQ10 solution that provides enhanced bioavailability. In fact, upon microscopic examination at 200X, CoQsol-CF is devoid of crystals.

SGTI: Leader in Coenzyme Q-10 Formulations
Soft Gel Technologies is the leading raw material supplier of coenzyme Q10 formulations for a variety of applications. The line includes: CoQsol – Original Formula containing CoQ10, mixed tocopherols, mixed carotenoids in 30, 60, 100 and 200 mg dosages in red opaque shell using annatto and titanium dioxide; CoQsol-CF – Upgraded formula containing CoQ10, mixed tocopherols, base of d-Limonene (to solubilize and decrystallize CoQ10 crystals) in 30, 60, 100, 200 mg dosages, with orange opaque shell using mainly turmeric and zinc oxide; CoQsol-CF Translucent (new alternate version of the initial CoQsol-CF formula ) containing CoQ10, mixed tocopherols, d-Limonene base in 100, 200, 300, and 400 mg dosages in a translucent shell; and CoQH-CF (reduced CoQ10) in 50, 100 mg dosages.

About Soft Gel Technologies, Inc.
Soft Gel Technologies Inc.® provides specialty soft gelatin encapsulation capabilities exclusively to the nutrition industry. The portfolio of unique patented ingredients, proprietary production technologies, global sourcing and ability to provide a full range of product development and marketing services allow us to provide a distinct advantage to our business partners.

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