CS Agra, Maker of sgs(TM) - 100 Broccoli Seed Extract, Becomes C S Health

(March 23, 2006) – CS Agra, the company that introduced two new dietary supplement brands, sgs™100, the refined broccoli extract of glucoraphanin, and Vitalica, the consumer-packaged dietary supplement, renamed the division responsible for sgs™ 100 CS Health. In an announcement by Chief Executive Officer Dan Caudill today, he noted “the name more clearly defines our responsiveness to an expanding customer base brought about by strong growth in our core business and the mission of our dietary supplements business.”

CS Health has developed proprietary broccoli varieties exceptionally rich in glucoraphanin, the precursor to sulforaphane, the trigger of Phase II enzymes. CS Health’s successful isolation and stabilization of glucoraphanin, and its delivery in an acceptable supplement form, has created demonstrable interest in the product. and in its purported benefits. Over 300 studies by independent researchers have focused on the detoxification and antioxidant properties of Phase II enzymes as well as the DNA protective benefits of sgs™, or sulforaphane glucosinolate. It is this solid scientific foundation that emphatically distinguishes sgs™ from competing broccoli supplements.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine highlighted sgs™ glucosinolate as a natural, long-lasting anti-oxidant and detoxifier found in broccoli and broccoli sprouts. Sgs™ has been found to contribute to the integrity of cells, promoting the body’s immune defense systems for overall health and well being. Since this discovery, hundreds of publications from universities worldwide have added to the body of science that makes it pretty clear mom was right – broccoli is very, very good for you.

sgs - 100, CS Health’s broccoli seed extract, is produced under US Patents 5,725,895, 5,968,505, 5,968,567, 6,177,122, 6,242,018, 6,521,818 and other US and international patents licensed from Brassica Protection Products LLC and Johns Hopkins University. Process patents are also pending on behalf of CS Health.

CSC, Inc., the parent of CS Health, has been in the sprouting and health food businesses since their creation in 1947. During this time, CSC, Inc. formed Whole Alternatives, an organic and commercial food distribution company, and Sunshine Sprouting Equipment. Sales by these entities throughout North America are ranked at the top of their respective categories. CSC is also involved in the continuing development of germ plasm, the production of earth friendly nutrients, and land reclamation and conservation products.

CS Health employed traditional breeding techniques to develop varieties of broccoli exceptionally rich in the ground-breaking detoxifier and antioxidant glucoraphanin,. The company’s efforts have resulted in patent pending production and extraction techniques, which ensure the stability of broccoli’s active constituents. The company’s high quality proprietary ingredient sgs™ assures a verified amount of glucoraphanin because of controlled-environment breeding and meticulous handling. CSC, Inc. and Brassica Protection Products enjoy a lengthy history of cooperation due to Caudill Seed Company’s primary position in the supply chain for BroccoSprouts® and Brassica® Teas with sgs™, both of which are retail packaged foods owned by Brassica Protection Products. More than 300 research publications underscore this whole food material's health benefits.

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Suzanne Shelton
[email protected]

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