CS Health Reaches Distribution Agreement with Modern Sales / IFVG, Ltd.

Louisville, KY April 11, 2006 -- CS Health, producer of the proprietary breakthrough broccoli extract sgs™-100, has completed an arrangement with The Modern Sales Group of IFVG, Ltd. for US distribution of Vitalica™, CS Health’s retail-packaged dietary supplement.

Modern Sales has over 100 years of experience in the marketing and selling of natural and specialty products to the natural, mass market, and drug trade according to Gayelord Palermo, president of Modern Products, American Natural & Specialty.

“We are pleased to have Mr. Palermo and his staff team with us on this effort,” said CS Health CEO Dan Caudill on this announcement. “Our sister company, Whole Alternatives, Inc., which enjoys a position of prominence in the provision of organic and commercial seeds and beans, whole foods, and retail-packaged foods to North America, has found Mr. Palermo to be a strong ally as our food division grew to such heights. We will remain closely engaged in the distribution of our valuable, scientifically-based supplement to the retail customer.”

Vitalica™ is the broccoli seed extract derived dietary supplement comprised of sgs™, or sulforaphane glucosinolate, which contributes to the integrity of cells and promotes the body’s immune defense systems. A powerful detoxifier, Vitalica™ further induces Phase II enzyme activity, which yields antioxidant benefits as well. sgs™ is produced under US and other international patents licensed from Brassica Protection Products LLC and Johns Hopkins University.

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Suzanne Shelton
[email protected]

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