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Cutting-edge research

Palatinose makes athletes faster
BENEO-Palatinit's Palatinose, a low-glycaemic functional carbohydrate, was shown in a German placebo-controlled study to help bicyclers bike faster. During the time trial, the athletes who were given Palatinose finished one minute (three per cent) faster than the placebo group — a significant difference in a cycling race. Furthermore, the Palatinose group also had more sustained energy, with a special power increase in the final five minutes of the test, and a significant higher fat oxidation and better maintenance of blood-glucose levels through the end of the exercise.
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Three studies vouch for vitamins and minerals
Calcium, B vitamins and vitamin D (again) all gained heightened profiles from a suite of studies published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a publication from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Women who had higher calcium intakes had lower cancer risk; higher intake of B vitamins resulted in decreased risk of age-related macular degeneration, while higher vitamin D had lower incidence of upper respiratory-tract infections.
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Apple pectin for diabesity
Natraceutical's highly methoxylated apple pectin showed a more beneficial effect on body weight, on the lipid profile and on glucose metabolism compared to a beta-glucan-enriched diet, in rats. The ingredient can be added to a variety of foods.
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Pomella may reverse skin ageing
A new study indicates a pomegranate extract standardized to punicalagins may help promote healthy, young-looking skin in several ways. The study, performed at Texas A&M University and published online in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, explored the protective effects of the clinically researched pomegranate extract against ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) in SKU-1064 human skin fibroblast cells.
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The eyes have it: lutein and zeaxanthin
The macular pigment, a diet-derived yellowish pigment found in the central retina and formed by the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, helps to reduce the harmful effects of glaring lights on visual function.
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