Cypress Systems Joins Forces with Amax NutraSource in Bringing SelenoExcell® to Consumers

Cypress Systems, Inc., announces that it has signed an agreement with Eugene, Oregon-based Amax NutraSource, a leader in raw materials manufacturing and distribution of herbal extracts and other nutritional supplements. Amax will become the exclusive distributor of Cypress Systems’ flagship product, SelenoExcell® High Selenium Yeast. This agreement is a win-win for both companies: Cypress Systems will benefit greatly from Amax’s tremendous reputation in the industry, its solid sales infrastructure and large customer base; Amax will add SelenoExcell, which is being lauded among the industry for its proven science in cancer prevention, to its impressive cache of offerings.

The timing of this announcement dovetails with Cypress Systems’ building campaign to promote selenium and SelenoExcell in preparation for a massive media blitz around a major motion picture, “The Informant,” starring Matt Damon and featuring the story of Cypress’ COO Mark Whitacre. Whitacre, whose doctoral thesis was on selenium, has been instrumental in helping to successfully bring SelenoExcell to market. Prior to his relationship with Cypress, Whitacre was involved in a major corporate scandal where he became the highest level executive to turn whistleblower in U.S history. More recently, the three FBI agents involved with the case have publicly referred to Whitacre as a “national hero” for his role in the largest price-fixing case in history. In tandem with promoting the movie, Whitacre is embarking on an extensive media campaign as an “agent of change” to promote his message about health and the positive role selenium can play in cancer prevention.
Selenium the miracle nutrient

Selenium is one of a few nutrients to receive a qualified health claim from the FDA as being effective in the prevention of certain cancers. However, selenium is the only nutrient with a qualified health claim from the FDA with having “anticarcinogenic properties". SelenoExcell has taken it one step further: the product recently received a Letter of No Objection from the Food and Drug Administration, confirming its GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) designation. This milestone means that using SelenoExcell in selected food categories at a combined level to yield up to 150 microgram per day as selenium is GRAS, and will allow the combined efforts of the Cypress/Amax team to begin selling SelenoExcell into the food and beverage manufacturing industry. SelenoExcell is the only certified 100% organically bound High Selenium Yeast standardized with the National Cancer Institute, and it has been selected as the sole intervention agent in a series of cancer prevention and health-related trials. SelenoExcell has been shown in a Gold-Standard clinical trial published in the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) to reduce lung, colon, and prostate cancer incidence by 50 - 63 %. SelenoExcell is unique in that it is a supplement backed by pharmaceutical grade “Gold Standard” clinical research.

Timing is ideal for selenium, SelenoExcell, Cypress Systems and Amax NutraSource to join forces. Recently, the SELECT trial ( which was established to test the effects of selenium (selenomethianine) and vitamin E supplementation on the prevention of prostate cancer was terminated due to the lack of positive results by the selected active ingredients. The outcome set the record straight, once and for all, that when selecting the source of selenium “Form Does Make a Difference.” A number of confirming “Gold Standard” studies are underway utilizing SelenoExcell as the sole intervention agent in helping prevent lung, colon and prostate cancer. See following link for full story. ( Cypress Systems’ commitment to sound science and research, coupled with a staunch vision to help fight cancer with selenium supplementation, and its new agreement with Amax, creates a powerful platform for initiating change.

“When we look to the future, having the right team in place is vital to the success of our overall business,” says Paul Willis, CEO of Cypress Systems. “We are thrilled to partner with the proven sales and service team at Amax NutraSource. Together we will meet the new market demands and respond efficiently to our growing customer base. In these competitive times, the new business model is ‘Open Innovation’ based on synergistic team work. The goal is to capture the best each group has to offer, with the result being combined value for our customers.”

“We are privileged to have been selected to distribute Cypress Systems revolutionary SelenoExcell® which has been granted GRAS status and has been shown to significantly reduce incidences of three forms of cancer,” says Larry Martinez, President of Amax NutraSource. “Together with the fine staff at Cypress, we intend to introduce the product to functional food and beverage markets as well as penetrating deeper into the dietary supplement industry while taking advantage of the extremely positive and unprecedented media coverage SelenoExcell® is receiving.”

Cypress Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer of premium food forms of organically bound minerals and nutritional yeast products, which are distributed throughout the global nutraceutical, functional food and animal nutrition markets. CEO/President Paul A. Willis founded Cypress Systems, Inc. in 1995 with the primary goal of developing a specialty fermentation, biotechnology and nutritional yeast company. For more information about the company, SelenoExcell®, our Branding Partners and how to become one, and the Excell Health Campaign, visit and

Amax NutraSource is an established industry leading raw material developer, manufacturer and distributor of “state of the art” botanical extracts and other nutritional supplements. Since 1996, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products at a great value with superior customer service to the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage, and cosmetic industries. All Amax NutraSource products are manufactured and delivered in conformance with cGMP standards including third party laboratory confirmation of identity, purity, strength and composition. For more information about the company please visit or call 800- 893-5306.

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