Cyvex Adds to BioVin(R) Line of Grape Extracts

Irvine, California - For Immediate Release - Cyvex Nutrition, a 16-year-old company acknowledged as a trusted supplier of specialty nutraceutical ingredients, has expanded its proprietary line of French grape extract ingredients named BioVin®.

Originally introduced in 1996 as the world's first full-spectrum grape extract, Cyvex manu¬factures BioVin in the Rhone Valley of France using a proprietary extraction process that utilizes only water and grain alcohol. Since then, BioVin has become an industry staple if quality ingredients are desired.

A powerful antioxidant product that contains phytochemicals from the entire grape, includ¬ing seeds and skin, BioVin includes a broad profile of critical antioxidants - free radical scavengers implicated in reducing the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Previously available in only three grades, BioVin now offers the most complete line of grape extract ingredients available anywhere. They include five different ingredient options, depending upon specifications demanded and price level desired:

• BioVin Premium - Full-spectrum premium grade grape extract
• BioVin Premium Seed - Premium grade seed only
• BioVin Classic - Full spectrum with 20% polyphenol
• BioVin 40 - Blended grape extract powder
• BioVin P - Grape extract pumice powder

Founded in 1984, Cyvex began business as a pioneer in the development of nutritional marine ingredients such as shark cartilage, green lipped mussel and sea cucumber powders. Today, Cyvex is an acknowledged leader in the development of innovative nutraceuticals and offers a broad product line of high-demand ingredients.

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